30 Self Improvement Promises To Make As You Approach 30

In the graceful years leading up to 30, you’ll wonder where the heck the last ten years have gone. You’ll look up to notice that everyone around you is on a completely different path. And yet you’ll still, without a doubt, compare your life to theirs.

You might have kids, you might not. You might own a home (or two, or three), you might not. You might have a career you love, or you might still be working tirelessly trying to prove yourself or to find a passion. Heck, you might have sold all your worldly processions and packed up for a life of non-stop travel. But, wherever you are along the not-so-linear path of life, one thing is certain: like everyone else, you’re still trying to work out exactly what this “adult” thing is all about.

As the 30-year mark approaches, it’s inevitable that you’ll start making self improvement promises. But how many you’ll actually put into practise is a whole other thing.

#1 Stop spending time with people who don’t appreciate you


#2 Stop buying cheap clothes and invest in a small, quality wardrobe instead


#3 Finally get your finances in order and plan for the future


#4 Spend more time with your parents and be nicer to them


#5 Drop the FOMO thing, it’s not helpful


#6 Spend less time watching trashy TV and bad rom-coms


#7 Be aware of and care for your mental health


#8 Start cooking more interesting and exotic meals


#9 Forget the insults you’ve been told, but remember every compliment


#10 Spend less time scrolling through social media feeds


#11 Watch more documentaries


#12 Find interesting stories, and read about them


#13 Start wearing shoes that are better for your posture


#14 Stop using the word cool. Stop trying to be cool


#15 Stop comparing yourself to others


#16 Stop doing things that you don’t actually enjoy


#17 Get out in nature more, and take weekend trips


#18 Dedicate regular time to your creative passion or labour-of-love project


#19 Live in the moment, be more open to spontaneity


#20 Actually learn what mindfulness is all about


#21 Get a watch and stop using your phone to tell the time (and stop being late)


#22 Be nicer to strangers


#23 Remember that you’re not what you do, and prioritise life outside of work


#24 Text less. Call more


#25 Be grateful for where (and who) you are right now


#26 Start listening to podcasts on the train


#27 Be OK with staying in


#28 Slow down


#29 Stop drinking champagne on New Year’s Eve and at weddings because you never actually liked it anyway


#30 Basically this…