6 Podcasts That Will Lift Your Creative Game

You’re procrastinating, doubting the quality of your work and worrying about what other people are going to think. You, my friend, are creatively stumped. You know what helps? Hearing from other creatives who have pushed through, perfected their craft and pursued their artistic dreams.

Podcasts are perfect for delivering straight-up advice, learning about the creative process of your favourite artists, making you laugh, and reminding you that brilliant ideas are all around you.

So when you need a creative injection, pop in your head phones, turn up the volume and tune into these podcasts:

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Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

Delivered with Elizabeth Gilbert’s comforting and encouraging signature style, Magic Lessons sees Gilbert mentoring emerging musicians, writers, artists, comedians, dancers and filmmakers. With the help of professionals in their field, Gilbert guides her mentees to figure out what’s stopping them from pursuing their creative dreams, so they can get to work on their chosen project. It’s packed full of little bits of wisdom and practical advice and exercises you can apply to your own craft.

Start with Ep.201: “You Have a Screaming, Not a Calling.”  

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Story Club

Story Club is recorded live at the Giant Dwarf Theatre. It features some of Australia’s best actors, comedians and writers, retelling some of their funniest stories and darkest moments. Hear David Cunningham talk about the time he learnt about the facts of life inside an undersized fibreglass Uluru. Story Club is a great reminder that inspiration and creative ideas can come from anywhere.

Start with #9 Rebecca Huntley – Inconsistencies with the presentation of the pasta special.

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Ctrl Alt Delete 

Hosted by Emma Gannon, Ctrl Alt Delete features conversations with creative people who have grown up online and have successfully used the internet to pursue their creative dreams and build a tribe of online followers. This podcast is perfect for anyone interested in blogging, writing and social media. It covers topics such as building a YouTube audience, dealing with internet trolls and being your own boss.

Start with Episode 7 with Cheryl Strayed: On Writing, Quotes & Online Tribes.

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The Moth

This popular podcast is all about true stories told to a live audience. It includes recordings of the Moth Radio Hour and stories from The Moth archives. Most episodes have a theme and feature stories from some of the world’s greatest thinkers and entertainers about the little moments in their lives that made a huge impact.

Start with Radio Hour: Zimbabwe, Camping, Goths and Grace.

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So You Want To Be A Writer

Although this podcast is aimed towards writers, much of its content is valuable to all creatives. Produced by the Australian Writers’ Centre and hosted by Valerie Khoo and Allison Tate, So You Want To Be A Writer covers helpful topics like pitching your ideas, dealing with rejection, and marketing yourself and your work. Valerie and Allison discuss the biggest news in the industry each week and interview a published author about their writing process.

Start with Writer 110: Turn your “off” writing days into “on” days and meet author of “The Paper House” Anna Sparo-Ryan.

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WTF with Marc Maron 

Hosted by Marc Maron, WTF is Maron in conversation with some of the most interesting people in pop culture including actors, producers, directors, stand-up comedians and musicians. He even interviewed Barack Obama. In one unmissable episode, he confronts Louis C.K about the demise of their friendship and the jealousy Maron felt over Louis C.K’s success. This podcast gives you a glimpse into how some of the most successful artists got their start in the industry, the challenges they faced and their most memorable moments.

Start with Episode 740 – Billy Crystal.

Keryn Donnelly is a freelance writer and social media consultant. When she’s not working on her first novel, you’ll find her falling over in public, using her outside voice inside, and plotting how to steal Jimmy Fallon’s job. Follow her on Instagram @keryndonnelly.