9 Podcasts To Listen To If You Want To Become A Better Person

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So you went in deep on season one of Serial, but season two didn’t quite grab you. You’ve exhausted every episode of This American Life and you want something new. You want nourishment, education, emotion and laughs aplenty. Basically, you wanna up your game and you want some podcasts to help you do it.

With so many great podcasts to choose from (*ahem*) it was tough to narrow it down, but somehow we managed. Whether you’re stuck in traffic, praying for room on the train, sweating it out in the gym (#legday) or just looking to indulge those last few hours of secret distraction on a Friday arvo at work, these 9 podcasts will keep you entertained and help you level up.

How To Do Everything

Whether they’re trying to set listeners up with world famous classical musicians or seeking hiccup advice via a guided meditation with Nick Offerman aka IRL Ron Swanson, How To Do Everything may not actually teach you how to do everything, but at the very least it will show you how to laugh. (And how to make a hilarious podcast. And maybe cure hiccups.)

Episode: Science Hotline Bling

99% Invisible

99% Invisible takes a look at the unnoticed architecture and design that shapes our world – the rest of the iceberg, if you will. Topics include why most food ads show the ingredients flying in slow-mo, the racial politics behind basketball dunks, and the worst smell in the world, while this ep on the Gruen Effect will help you get better at sticking to your shopping list.

Episode: The Gruen Effect

History Chicks

Women don’t tend to take up as much space in the history books as men, which besides being infuriating is such a great loss of some incredible stories. The History Chicks delves deeper into the stories behind some of history’s most fascinating women like raconteur Dorothy Parker, Egyptian queen Cleopatra, civil rights activist Rosa Parks, and the first female pilot of African American descent, Bessie Coleman. This episode on Frida Kahlo is a must-listen.

Episode: Frida Kahlo


An award-winning show from the Radiotopia network, Love+Radio melds fact, fiction, and creative non-fiction to bring you beautiful stories and moving tales. This ep, ‘The Living Room’, made a huge buzz when it came out and nabbed the show a swag of awards. Be warned: it’s an absolute heartbreaker. Avoiding listening to this one on the bus.

Episode: The Living Room


An award-winning podcast exploring “the hidden side of everything”, Freakonomics pulls back the curtain on the news, the economy, pop culture, myths and more. With episodes exploring willpower, online dating, advertising and even how the belt won out over suspenders, Freakonomics will score you another few points on the IQ scale. This ep outlines what we’re all doing wrong in the kitchen, why iceberg lettuce should stay off your plate, and why the #rawfood movement might have it wrong.

Episode: Food + Science = Victory!

Food Is The New Rock

Speaking of food, cult-favourite podcast Food Is The New Rock marries the food of love (music) and the food of food (food) to whip up a tasty treat. It’s featured guests like Steve Aoki, Moby, Questlove and Blur’s Alex James and has even been recorded in front of a crowd at South By Southwest. This ep with Kelis is so much fun, with the ‘Milkshake’ singer and Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef talking about her passion for food and the stories behind her culinary journey.

Episode: Kelis

Sleep With Me

This is possibly the most boring podcast ever, and that’s the whole point. The folk behind Sleep With Me know that you can’t live your best life on only half a tank, so they’ve devised a silly, whimsical podcast that literally puts you to sleep. I’d love to tell you what kind of topics they explore, but even with two diagnosed sleep disorders I have never made it through an entire ep.

Episode: Dust Mote Singularity | Nature Talks Back Via Bernie The Butterfly

No Such Thing As A Fish

The premise is simple: each host – all researchers on hit BBC TV quiz show QI – comes in with a handful of amazing and bizarre facts, but it’s the discussions they prompt that are truly golden. Be it facts about “the most planety planet” or space lettuce, No Such Thing As A Fish will help make you the MVP of every dinner party.

Episode: No Such Thing As Dinner On A Spider

Not What You Think

Hosted by Zacha Rosen and put out by Sydney’s FBi Radio, Not What You Think asks interesting people to talk about something they think the media should be covering, but isn’t. Sydney’s lack of landfill, and getting bacteria to do what you want make for fascinating explorations, but this episode on gentleness in dating with Dear Pluto’s Emma Daniels is our pick; deeply empathetic, touching, and absolutely beautiful.

Episode: The Date

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