Actress Jess Tovey On What’s Behind Her Drive To Succeed

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We all have a drive within, and considering we humans are a curious bunch, it’s always fascinating to know what fuels that drive in others. Actress Jess Tovey talks us through her passions and aspirations.

You know her from hit Aussie dramas Home and Away, Underbelly: The Golden Mile and Network Ten’s Wonderland but Jess Tovey is so much more than her absurdly symmetrical facial structure and monumental acting talent. Tovey is also a tireless environmental advocate, working with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition as well as a project that seeks to create positive messages around multiculturalism.

Tovey caught up with Jess Scully – public art curator, policy thinker, festival director and media producer – who gave her a lift to a “secret meeting” in the Toyota Yaris, where they chat about what drives Tovey in her career and life.

Tovey explains how the first decade of her career has been incredible and it’s facilitated her meeting “all these amazing people” yet on the flip side, a few years ago, she realised that she wasn’t really controlling what she was doing anymore. Tovey wondered what else there was for her. As the years passed, Tovey realised there was a desire in her to tell the stories that she wanted to tell, and that meant aligning with causes and issues close to her heart.

Tovey remembers the simple question that spurred her into action: “When I’m dying, what do I want my legacy to look like?”

Find out her answer in the full video below:

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