Banking Just Became A Whole Lot Easier

Inspired by Westpac We've partnered with Westpac to bring you inspiring stories on The Cusp.

For all those times you couldn’t remember your mate’s bank account details; for all the times you ‘misplaced’ your card only to cancel it and find it the next day – know that things are changing. They’re different. Westpac has you covered.

Accessing your money should be easy, so Westpac is making sure their Everyday Banking accounts now have a Pay to Mobile feature, as well as the option to put your card on hold. High fives.

The Pay to Mobile feature means your mate that has to pay you back for their round last Friday has no excuse; if you both have Australian bank accounts and mobile numbers, you don’t need to know their account details – just pop in their mobile phone number via the Westpac Mobile Banking app. (Make sure you activate Pay to Mobile in your app to receive direct payments). They’ll be sent a single-use SMS code to collect the payment, which expires within three days.


And, if said Friday got a little out of hand (in the best possible way) and you ‘misplaced’ your Debit MasterCard or Credit Card, you don’t have to cancel it! We know – your card always has a way of turning up right after it’s been cancelled. So let’s avoid the inconvenience – put the card on hold via the app while you hunt your plastic down.

You can unlock your card at any time (or it will automatically unlock after 15 days). And if you’re wondering how you’re supposed to get out money without your card – use Get Cash. You can withdraw up to three times a day at Westpac ATM’s (to a maximum of $500 a day or $1,000 a week). Just use your unique code from the Westpac Mobile Banking app.

There’s even an option to log in to the app using a compatible smartphone with fingerprint technology, too. It’s the future, guys.

Don’t have a Westpac account? Get all the info about Everyday Banking here.

Inspired by Westpac We've partnered with Westpac to bring you inspiring stories on The Cusp.