If You Fill Out This Super Easy Survey For Us, We Might Give You $1,000

The situation is simple: you read this website. You’d probably like to win $1,000. You’re on the computer/a computer-like device right now anyway. Want to click through to this link, put aside a measly 20 minutes, and tell us some things? Of course you do, champ.

(We’re all the ducks.)

Every year our parent company Junkee Media — who are also behind Junkee, FasterLouder, inthemix, and AWOL, as well as The Cusp — run a 20-minute survey for young Australians known as the (un)Official Census. Basically, we want to know a little bit more about you; your life, your interests, your ambitions, your fears, and how you like to spend your down-time. Why? So we know we’re covering the things you want to read about.

There’s plenty in it for you too: a better Cusp, an anonymous soapbox from which to talk about yourself and the chance to win $1,000. Then you can spend the rest of the day enjoying The Mighty Ducks franchise! You’ve earned it.

Take the survey here.

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