Is This The Coolest Coworking Space In The World?

The trend towards freelancing has seen a huge rise in those looking for collaborative environments to serve as offices. Enter the age of the coworking space. But have you ever seen anything quite as stunning as this one?

Forget converted warehouses when you can open up your laptop amongst the trees of the Himalayas. This truly is what eco-conscious dreams are made of – and it will soon become a reality for some very lucky office-goers.


Pankhasari Retreat is described by its designers as a connected venue for co-living and coworking in the Indian Himalayas. Located in West Bengal, the project aims to promote more sustainable tourism patterns, taking advantage of the increased living and working flexibility of the digital era.

The project was a collaborative one, working with local residents and craftsmen to contribute towards the design of all buildings. Adding to that, the house on the property has been built with hyper-local materials.


While the area can often see extreme weather, you’ll be protected. The complex has everything a workspace could possibly require, and its builders are hoping it will encourage international travellers to stay for longer periods of time at Pankhasari.

This truly does seem like a stunning place to get away from it all and work solely on a project. Who’s in? Jaunt to the Himalayas!

All images: Carlo Atti/ Pankhasari Retreat.