Being An Adult Is Hard, So Here Are Some Podcasts To Help

Growing up isn’t what it used to be. All the milestones our parents worked towards are now a lot more complicated. Want to find a partner? Better nail your profile pic and your Tinder chat up lines. A full-time job? Hard to come by in the gig economy. Home ownership? Ooft.

Megan Tan understands the struggles our generation is facing – in fact, she hosts a podcast called Millennial, about what it’s like to be… a millennial. More than that, it’s a source of consolation for anyone who’s struggling with the complexities of being an adult in today’s world, and a source of light in the gloom.

When Megan was in town recently for the Audiocraft conference, we hit her up for her top podcast picks for when she’s finding adulthood a bit tricky.


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Megan Tan, host of the podcast Millennial

Another Round (the workplace)

Heben and Tracy are some of my favourite people. Point blank. When they’re cracking up, I’m cracking up. They’re constantly exploring questions around feminism, race, pop culture, mental health, and politics. They interview a lot of big name folks like Ta Nehisi Coates, Queen Latifah and Hillary Clinton.

In addition to their interviews, one of my favourite segments is Stacy’s Career Corner. Stacy-Marie Ishmael is basically that friend who tells you everything you don’t want to hear but need to hear in this authoritative, self-reflective way. She explains what she’s thinking about when she’s hiring people and how to manoeuvre office culture.

In my suggested episode, #17 “Caribbean Vibez”, Stacy talks about identity and her hiring practices. Heben, Tracy and Stacy also talk about how women articulate themselves when they’re applying for jobs versus men. This conversation, specifically, made me sit up straight and think, “Do I undermine myself as a young woman without even knowing it?” Possibly. And knowing that, how do I change it?

Suggested episode: #17 “Caribbean Vibez (with Stacy-Marie Ishmael)”

Longest Shortest Time (parenting)

The Longest Shortest Time is hosted by Hillary Frank who originally dedicated the podcast to parents who were up with their newborn children at 3am. Even for someone who doesn’t have children, I find this show insightful, because maybe one day I’ll be a parent and I’ll want to know everything I don’t know about parenting.

While I’m listening to LST, I feel like I’m looking ahead five years and having all of my questions answered or least explored. I also like that this podcast is a combination of personal stories and expert advice.

The episode I would recommend is #108 “Boobs”. In the first half of this episode Hillary Frank talks to Emily about how multiple nipples started growing on her body and lactating while she was pregnant. Before listening to Emily’s experience, I had no idea that this kind of scenario was even possible.

Suggested episode: #108 “Boobs”

Why Oh Why (dating)

I’ve been with my boyfriend for five years. We met in college. But that’s not the case for most people. In the podcast, Why Oh Why host Andrea Silenzi talks with friends, experts, and has strangers talk to each other about today’s dating scene. Andrea weaves her personal dating experience with the show and each episode is different.

An episode that I would recommend is #8 “How Will I Know”. In this episode, Andrea talks about when she first discovered that the man that she had been dating wasn’t the one she was going to marry. For her it comes down to one question. Children. She wants them, he doesn’t. This episode made me question if having children was a deal breaker for me as well. Right after I finished this episode, I sat down with my boyfriend and we had the “children” talk.

Another episode I would recommend almost serves as its sequel, #30 Don’t Listen If You’re My Ex-boyfriend. In this episode, Andrea explains how she’s not really over her ex-boyfriend and talks to different experts about what actually needs to happen for Andrea move on.

Suggested episodes:

#8 “How Will I Know”

#30 “Don’t Listen If You’re My Ex-boyfriend”

The Heart (sexuality and intimacy)

The Heart describes itself as a “an audio art project about intimacy and humanity”. With its beautiful sound design, it takes listeners into the close corners between people, their bodies, and sits you beside conversations and scenes that will make you blush.

The podcast pushes these moments about relationships and sexuality in a way that allows you to live vicariously through their stories and explore questions within yourself and your sexuality you didn’t even know you had.

There are a lot of episodes I would recommend with this podcast. After listening to “Pls Pee On Me” I prompted myself to have a never-had-before conversation with my boyfriend about sexual desires we’ve never communicated.

Suggested episodes:

“Pls Pee On Me”


“Series: ‘No'”