This Is How To Make Your Sunday A Little Less Bleak

At around 4pm every Sunday afternoon, the entire working world lets out a collective groan – the weekend is quickly coming to a close and Monday is looming.

Generally, we just accept defeat and acknowledge the fact that Monday is upon us, prematurely slipping into the blues. Well, you know what? I’ve had it – lets take a stand and reclaim the day.

Now that you’ve indulged my emotional and motivational plea, here’s how you can brighten up your Sunday arvos.

Get the worst of Sunday over with

On the weekend we often get distracted, which is totally OK – what, with all the not working, having fun and such. Though being a spot more organised could make your weekend infinitely better.

How much does it suck on Sunday arvo when you realise you’ve completed not one of the jobs you have to do as a grown up? Answer: loads.

Your laundry hamper has overflowed and dirty clothes are now taking refuge anywhere they choose in your bedroom, the dishes you told yourself you’d sort out on Wednesday are still sitting in the sink while your whole existence is turning to pure shambles.

This may sound crazy, but hear me out – what if instead of doing these crappy jobs last thing on a Sunday, you did them first thing Saturday morning? Yes, you may be compromising a sleep-in but if you wake up earlier, you can get the boring stuff done and get more hours out of your weekend.

Future you will thank you, and now that all your least favourite chores are done, the remaining hours of the best two days of the week are yours to spend as you choose.

Get social

Since you’ve tackled the tedious weekend chores early and changed the weekend game forever, Sunday is your chance to spend its entirety as if it were a Saturday.

I probably still wouldn’t treat it exactly as you would a Saturday – getting lit AF then having to back up for work the next day is a potentially dangerous and risky little game.

Take it upon yourself to enjoy all the tamer things the weekend has to offer, while skipping the usual weekend crowds – it’s much easier to get a reservation on Sunday.

It’s also really nice to just get out of the house – when you’re at home and not doing a whole lot your mind tends to wander and you get increasingly bummed about Monday. Get out of the house and do something a little different. Even if it’s just to the cinema, out to dinner or an evening stroll, you’ll feel like you’re getting the most out of the weekend.

Save the best for last

Ultimately, you’re the one who reclaimed Sunday so spend its afternoon as you please – use it as an excuse to treat yo’ self while being mindful that tomorrow is Monday.

If you’re keen on having a lock in, binging on Game of Thrones and red wine in your last remaining hours (of the weekend) – you do you. If you want to have a hot bath, get in some clean PJ’s and curl up with a book – even better.

Really, it’s up to you – spend it however you like!

Now that you’ve kicked the Sunday afternoon/ Monday blues you don’t need to fear the end of the weekend. If you save the best ‘til last you’ll never have a sad Sunday.

Bradley is a writer from Newcastle who enjoys travel, Tina Fey and is a connoisseur of cheap red wine