Are We Meant To Have “Made It” By 30?

Probably the worst thing to happen to me this week was discovering that I was the same age as Rihanna, Emma Stone, Adele and Blake Lively. That, and realising I wasn’t up to date with The Walking Dead. Here I was thinking that keeping up with pop culture ensured I remained forever young. That all came crashing down when I proudly yelled “YOLO” after deciding on a cronut for lunch, and a (younger) twenty-something responded with, “who uses that phrase anymore?”

Am I old? By now I thought I’d be a little less shoulda, coulda, woulda at the very least.

Approaching the big three-oh

I haven’t developed an app, I don’t have Michelle Bridges arms, I don’t deal well with rejection, I avoid conflict, I regularly have popcorn for dinner and use “literally” improperly far too often. I scroll through The Iconic a million times more than BBC News, I still count with my fingers and struggle spelling words like definately “definitely”. I barely have a career and get too excited when I have four figures in my bank account. Blake Lively is married to Ryan Reynolds and apparently cronut is now a thing! It’s pretty clear I haven’t “made it”.

It took me glancing at “Forbes 30 Under 30” list to realise that I’ve done nothing remarkable with my life and apparently, by now, I should have. So what even is remarkable? Or better yet…success? My bank balance? The lives impacted? My awe for those under 30 who spend their evenings being visionaries and entrepreneurs instead of watching Married At First Sight is immeasurable. One, because watching strangers be fake married brings me extreme happiness and two, because who has the time?

I feel a deep irritation when Mum says her FaceTime’s been hacked because it’s asking for a password but feel like shit when I get asked if I’m planning on starting a family in an interview. I roll my eyes and huff when seniors take forever to walk on a narrow foot path, but I was too inexperienced in my early 20’s to get hired. Evidently, I’m ageist.

In a world where racism and discrimination consumes our news feed, how come ageism doesn’t make the “politically incorrect” pile?

Is 20 the new 30?

Putting aside that trend where girls would dye their hair grey for some unknown reason, is 20 the new 30? With Simone Biles, Elle Fanning and Kylie Jenner making Forbes Class of 2017, I’m led to believe… yes. 50% of the list are founders or cofounders and 57% of those started their business to solve a problem – 27% want to change the world. The WORLD. I’m pretty pleased with myself when I manage to wake up at 6am to exercise, discover I have a five-star rating on Uber and say no a burrito. Time to step it up a little and start solving a problem like Maria “the world”.

BRB though, just going to take a nap first. I am only 29 after all and you know, YOLO.

Holly is the lady behind the food blog, The Wandering Matilda. She has spent the last five years writing and cooking across Europe and Asia. Tasting, treating, tippling and typing, Holly feels she has mastered adulthood when her butcher knows her name, she makes it in time for 6:30am yoga and can justify buying fresh blueberries over frozen ones. Follow her wanders @thewanderingmatilda.

Main image: Bridget Jones’ Diary / Working Title Films