This Messenger Plug-In Is A Better Way To Deal With Money

Our lives of modern convenience can be a little overwhelming. Yeah, we’ve got apps for everything – but how annoying is it when you have to switch between apps, and scroll from one screen to another, because you can’t even remember where your banking app lives, and yeah you really should put those apps in organised folders but sheesh who has the time?!

Well, your online banking just got more convenient. Westpac customers can now send and receive money through their social messaging apps. And you don’t even have to get your mate’s BSB and bank account numbers (which we all know is super pesky). Say what! We’re living in the future.

Maybe your best mate just scored tickets for a music festival for you both. He sends you a message saying “Hey, your ticket was $80.” You can reply straight away – with the money you owe them, straight out of your Westpac account.

Once you’ve downloaded the keyboard, you can find the Westpac key right next to where the emoji key lives in your messaging apps. How *sunglasses emoji* is that? Whether it’s Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, WeChat, old school SMS or even Snapchat, you can send and receive money without even having to change apps. Ahhh, life just got so much easier!

Close up of a man holding mobile phone with copy space.

If your mates prefer cold, hard cash to a money transfer, you can sort them out remotely by sending them a message with a Cardless Cash code through the Westpac keyboard (please ensure you only share this code with people you know and trust, as you are allowing them to access your money), which can be used to withdraw cash from any Westpac, St.George, Bank of Melbourne or BankSA ATM. Total game-changer.

You’re no doubt one of the 10.5 million Aussies using a messenger app – perhaps you’re even one of the 3.4 million who use them as their primary form of contact. With innovations like this one, your life is about to get so much more convenient. No switching between apps required.

Ready to combine your messaging and your banking, in the most perfect union since Amal and George Clooney? Then download the Westpac Live Mobile App – available at the App Store – and set up the Westpac Keyboard.