One Card, Thousands Of Discounts: Want 40% Off International Flights?

There’s a certain feeling of regret we have when we’re late to the party. Whether it’s TV shows, job ads or discounts, we want to be in the know. So what’s the latest? Let’s chat about International Student Identity Cards (ISIC) and how they can save you big cash on your next overseas trip.

ISIC is the only globally recognised student identification card, and since its creation in 1953, it’s helped 100 million young travellers find discounted adventures all over the world – so if you’re a student, you need to get on the discount train. ISIC has a global network of partners, meaning it can offer upwards of 42,000 discounts across 130 countries around the world. Solid.

Normally, the card costs $30, but Westpac have partnered with ISIC to provide you with access to these global discounts for free. By signing up for a Choice account, you’ll receive a complimentary co-branded ISIC Card and unlock thousands of ISIC-affiliated discounts.

Already have an ISIC card? No dramas – there’s something for you, too. Existing ISIC members will receive a $30 STA Travel Voucher after opening a new Westpac Choice account.

So what kind of discounts are we talking? If you’re keen to get overseas, how about return flights to Los Angeles from $799, or a jaunt to Singapore for $219? You could save up to 40% off international airfares at STA Travel, plus have access to all 42,000 discounts, which include museums and Eurail in Europe, bungee jumping in Asia, and discounts on accommodation, attractions, sim cards, insurance and restaurants.

In Australia, you can get up to 20% off 2500 restaurants and takeaway, movie tickets from $11.50 and 5% off groceries, fuel, liquor, plus discounts on regional train travel.

So, what are you waiting for?  Open a Westpac Choice account today and make the most of the discounts being a student gets you.