The 10 Best Universities In The World Have Been Named

Times Higher Education has released the World University Rankings for 2015-2016, with Australian universities just a blip on the radar.

Picking the right university is a right of passage for many youngsters; you want one that aligns with your educational values, is in a good location and will (hopefully) teach you a lot about being a functioning adult in the wider world.

Well, each year Times Higher Education rank the best universities from across the globe, judging them across all of their core missions – teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook. This ought to make your decision a little easier.

So who pulled out on top of this prestigious list?

That would be California Institute of Technology, or Caltech to the locals. Caltech is known worldwide for their science and engineering research, and for fostering collaborative relationships between both faculty and students across campus. They’re the academic home of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Enough said.

Remarkably, six out of the top 10 universities were from the United States. The high-ranking US colleges included Stanford, MIT, Harvard and Princeton. UK constituents Oxford, the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London also made their way into the top 10.

The Top 10 in the World University Rankings for 2015-2016

#1 California Institute of Technology, USA
#2 University of Oxford, UK
#3 Stanford University, USA
#4 University of Cambridge, UK
#5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA
#6 Harvard University, USA
#7 Princeton University, USA
#8 Imperial College London, UK
#9 ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland
#10 University of Chicago, USA

The first non-US and non-UK entrant was Switzerland’s ETH Zurich, where none other than Albert Einstein received his diploma, way back in 1901. That’s a pretty impressive alumnus, hey?

So how did our Aussie universities fare?

Not spectacularly; the first Aussie entry was The University of Melbourne at #33. Praised for being a research intensive university, the school is Australia’s second oldest university with over 40,000 students currently studying among its hallowed halls.

Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra came in at #52, with University of Sydney at #56 and The University of Queensland at #60. Victoria’s Monash University took #73 and University of New South Wales in at #82.

Top performers in the Asia-Pacific region

Aside from Australia, Asian universities places quite well on THE‘s rankings. Singapore’s flagship university, National University of Singapore, took out the #26 spot and is celebrated for its global approach to education, research and a focus on Asian perspectives and expertise.

Many Asian universities ranked higher than Australian universities, many of which make it into the Top 50. China’s Peking University came in at #42, University of Tokyo at #43, University of Hong Kong at #44, Tsinghua University (China) at #47 and Nanyang Technological University in at #55.

Anyone else thinking about post-grad, or is that just me?

Rebecca Russo is a freelance writer, editor, community radio dabbler, occasional hiker and celebrity autobiography enthusiast. She has written for online publications including Junkee, AWOL, Fashion Journal and Tone Deaf. Find her online here.