Want The Freedom To Work From Anywhere You Want?

Inspired by Toyota We\\\'ve teamed up with Toyota Yaris to build the ultimate guide on how to find The Drive Within You.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re sending emails from a country cafe, making business deals by the beach or calling shotgun on a desk at your local coworking hub; the modern career dream is an office wherever you want it to be. So we’re throwing another free Drive School event with Toyota Yaris to get you closer to making this dream a reality.

We’ve all figured it out: the freedom to choose where and how we work can mean higher productivity, lower stress levels and happier workers. And while that freedom might make some of us want to head straight for the airport, for many more of us, the ability to work from home, a cafe or a local coworking hub can change everything.

Our generation is unique in the sense we’re carving out our own career pathways – with our impressive grasp of technology and desire to question the status quo – we’re creating roles that up the flexibility factor without compromising effectiveness. In other words, we know that to get a job done well, we don’t have to fit into a traditional, fixed office environment.


Sweet, sweet freedom.

Drive School, our free event with Toyota Yaris, will pull together a panel of location-independent entrepreneurs and creatives to tell us what it takes to work from anywhere.

Our panellists will discuss the realities of being a digital nomad and the ways in which they’ve made this style of working as lucrative as it is satisfying – so you can emancipate yourself from the traditional office in a way so successful, it sticks.

Hosting the night will be social entrepreneur and CEO of Spur Projects, Lee Crockford, with panellists including YouTuber Jake Rich; Adelaide-born, NY-based founder of CAKE digital and Typographer at THEWRITING, Tania Debono; and co-founder and Creative Director of The Beach People, Victoria Beattie.

Plus, there’ll be some refreshments and food. Happy days.

When: Tuesday November 08
Where: Lightspace, 30 Light Street, Fortitude Valley
Time: 6:30 to 8:30pm

Entry to Drive School is totally free, but you have to secure a spot to come along, so make sure you RSVP by clicking here.

Inspired by Toyota We\\\'ve teamed up with Toyota Yaris to build the ultimate guide on how to find The Drive Within You.