Welcome To The Cusp

Let’s face it: your twenties and thirties are a pretty intense time of life. In the space of a decade and a half there’s a lot of pressure to jump onto the conveyor belt of life and just keep moving.

Leave school, go to university, figure out what you want to do with your life, find a good job, get the job, keep the job then slowly starting climbing up the seniority ladder. Switch careers, find a partner, keep the partner and then think about starting a family. Rent an apartment, save some money and maybe put a deposit down on a place of your own. And don’t forget to travel a lot while you’re young. And, of course, to have the time of your life, because you’re only young once, right?

It’s tiring just to read about, let alone trying to jump successfully through each of those hoops. But we know that it’s pretty universal. Every year at Junkee Media we conduct one of the largest and longest running studies on Australian youth so we can understand where we’re going as a country, and how we’re all dealing with a constantly changing world.

A lot of things change each year, but there’s one result that’s hardly shifted at all since we first started measuring it. When we ask young Australians what their biggest concerns are, the results are consistent every single time: they are concerned with their career (what is it and where is it going?), their money (how do they get more of it and spend it better?) and their health and wellbeing (how do they stay feeling as good as they can for as long as they can?).

It’s pretty simple. Money, career and wellbeing are three important areas of your life. When they are doing well, you’re doing well – and when they’re not, you’re not. So we started searching around for the best and most inspiring advice to help people navigate these areas. When we couldn’t find what we wanted to read, we decided to create a space of our own.

And that’s where The Cusp comes in. This is your guide on how to be better at all the important things in life. Think of it as life advice on how to adult.

We called it The Cusp to reflect how your twenties and thirties feel like they’re constantly on the cusp of new things: starting university, your first job, your first proper relationship and more. We want to help you navigate life so you can get the most out of it.

The Cusp is a collaboration between Junkee Media and Westpac. As our country’s first bank (and company!), Westpac knows a lot about how to help people build their futures and we’ll be leaning on them for their expertise in that space. The Cusp joins the other Junkee Media channels for young Australians including Junkee, inthemix, FasterLouder and AWOL.

We have an amazing team on board for The Cusp, led by Editor, Sonia Taylor, and a talented team of contributors and experts who will be creating content each day around the three main topics of money, career and wellbeing.

So go ahead and explore The Cusp, and like us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Most importantly, we genuinely hope that some of this life advice will help you be that tiny bit better with your job, your money or your health. And wouldn’t that be an amazing thing?

Tim Duggan is the Publisher at Junkee Media. You can find him on Twitter @timduggan