11 Sites You Need To Bookmark For Your Career Right Now

Type “career advice” into Google and be prepared to be swamped. Wading through 357-million search results can get overwhelming – it’s hard to know what’s legit and what’s not. So we did some of the groundwork for you. From inspiring stories of entrepreneurialism to advice that helps you think outside the box, these sites are a great resource no matter what stage of your career you’re at.

#1 The Muse  

the muse screenshot 2

The Muse is an award-winning career advice destination made with millennials in mind, full of relevant and interesting content ranging from how to survive an office breakup, to online classes on acing a job interview, to tips on finding a mentor. While it is only US-based, anyone can find something useful or inspiring, a fact that might have something to do with the three million-plus users heading to the site each month.

The Muse offers a mix of job searches, expert advice, career exploration, classes and tools, plus behind-the-scenes videos with info on companies like Facebook, HBO, Gucci and Uber, that aim to give you a feel for company culture.

#2 Collective Hub

The Australian online portal of Renegade Collective — “the magazine for following your dreams” — Collective Hub brings digital life to the inspiring stories of entrepreneurialism and creativity, with a lifestyle slant. The site aims to show the back-story of successful people, showing the path to how things are possible.

#3 LinkedIn

Love it or loathe it, this behemoth professional networking site has changed the recruiting climate, placing headhunting into the hands of the common person. Despite the usual creep-factor apparent in social networking sites, LinkedIn is still a good resource for professionals that want higher visibility when it comes to prospective employers. Having an online presence is crucial in today’s career landscape, and LinkedIn is one of the most popular places to start.

#4 The Loop

If the thought of joining LinkedIn makes you snort your Bonsoy decaf latte over your tatt sleeves, The Loop offers a career network for the creative lot. It’s Australia’s largest professional creative community that showcases individual and company profiles where you can perform job searches, suss out your ideal company, look for a workspace or course, and be inspired by way of featured profiles.

#5 Canva

canva screenshot

We all want our documents and photos to look stylish, but being able to do that ourselves can have us nursing design inadequacy feels. Canva is the brilliant startup that makes designing beautiful and on-trend resumes, blog headers, social media graphics, album covers, menus, kindle covers, business cards – you name it – super simple. Utilising the site’s free online photo editor means cutting through and making an impact in an interview, on social media or in general business.

#6 MyFuture

This is Australia’s one stop career information shop. If you’re finishing school, you can find advice on whatever career pathway you might want to take, from apprenticeships to a gap year, starting a business or working overseas. There is information on how to best find a job (along with recommended links), and you can search courses. MyFuture has online resources to help you figure out your skills, and you can take a look at different industries or check out the regional labour market.

#7 Glassdoor

Glassdoor provides employee reviews of companies around the world with insight into what it’s actually like to work there. You can search for jobs and there is salary data available for some roles, so you can use the info to scope out new employers, prepare for job interviews or to negotiate your pay. The Australian version still needs a little plumping out, but you’d be surprised at what inside information you can find.

#8 Smart Company

smart company screenshot

An Australian site for SME’s (small to medium enterprises), business managers and entrepreneurs, Smart Company is a great place to stay up to date from an Aussie perspective. It covers a broad selection of news, business trends and ideas from around the world, in categories across finance, leadership, technology, innovation, politics, legal, marketing and more.

#9 Socially Sorted

If you’re up and running with a business but not sure how to get your social media sorted, Donna Moritz’s blog will help you do just that. Named Best ‘Business Blog in Australia 2014’ from the Australian Writers’ Centre and one of ‘Australia’s Top 20 Best Business Blogs’ from Smart Company, Socially Sorted is where Donna shares tips and advice on all things social media and marketing for businesses and brands.

#10 Women’s Agenda

This comprehensive site offers “news, advice and style through the filter of success”. In other words, there are articles from inspiring women, like surfing champ Layne Beachley on Mentoring; articles focusing on women’s issues in the workplace; and beyond business and career, you’ll find info and resources on style, health, parenting, relationships, culture, technology and more. There is an abundance of useful and interesting career-focused information.

#11 Fast Company

Fast Company is a US site looking at progressive people and innovation in technology, ethonomics (ethical economics), leadership, and design. It’s similar to The Muse in that they operate a different editorial focus to most business and career-based sites, making for inspiring and intriguing content that includes the key to Oprah’s success, the guy turning plastic water bottles into roof tiles and this building that breathes. If you’re running low on ideas or wondering how people around the world are pushing the boundaries, this site will help inspire you to think outside the box.