15 Tweets And Memes About Work To Get You Through The Day

It can often feel like the work day keeps slowing down as the warmer months approach. Stop staring mindlessly at your screen when you could be smiling at these 15 tweets and ‘grams instead.

#1 When you got skills

#2 When food is #goals

#3 When thirst is your Everest

#4 When you’re too honest

#5 When rolling away is the only option


#6 When your boss is the best

#7 Some things are sacred

#8 Because interning is a way of life

#9 What’s yours is mine

#10 When TV is life

Funny cuz it’s true (@sadmichaeljordan)

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#11 Now your parents know

#12 Real talk

Being able to make my rent has always been a dream of mine (@mytherapistsays)

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#13 When making friends isn’t part of the job description

#14 When you need a medal

One Day. I almost see it in my horizons.

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#15 When the meme’s way too real

Can I retire yet?

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