25 Life Admin Things To Sort Out By 25

Some of these things might come naturally, but others may take a little more work. Some we can help you out with, but others we can’t. Your 20s are a time to be reckless, to find out who you actually are, and to try to set yourself up for whatever life it is that you want for yourself.

So by the time you reach the ripe old age of 25, when you’re halfway though the decade of discovery, you should have a firm grasp of the bare essentials. Here’s 25 practical life tasks you should definitely have under control by the time you hit 25. Consider it a friendly check-list.

#1 Know how to do your own taxes

#2 Be able to talk openly about mental health

#3 Be (at least a little) informed politics and world issues

#4 Have a long-term savings account

#5 Have a superfund and know how it works

#6 Know how to keep an indoor plant alive

#7 Have a regular hairdresser or barber

#8 Have a regular GP (and actually visit them)

#9 Have a regular dentist (and actually visit them)

#10 Consider taking out health insurance

#11 Own an iron (and know how to use it)

#12 Keep your car clean, know how to change a tyre and check the oil

#13 Be confident at setting up a tent

#14 Know how to cook up at least a handful of healthy meals

#15 Know how the health care system works

#16 Have a regular exercise routine, and stick to it

#17 Have a Linkedin profile (and keep it up to date)

#18 Have a travel bucket list and start ticking it off

#19 Have a list of financial, career and health goals

#20 Be able to make minor repairs to your clothes 

#21 Own a decent suit or stylish black dress, and keep your best boots polished

#22 Be OK with keeping some things off social media

#23 Have your life documents neatly filed

#24 Know how to network

#25 Know when to call it a night

Kate is the summer editor of The Cusp. She gets by in life as a publicist but finds time to regularly contribute to The Cusp and AWOL. Follow her travels on Instagram @katermac and Twitter @krmcc.