4 Easy Things You Can Do This Weekend To Get Your Life Together

Weekends are for relaxing, kicking back with friends and unwinding from the week that was. This is of course until 5pm on Sunday hits and you realise you’ve done absolutely none of the grown-up tasks you were meant to do.

Your laundry hamper is full, your pantry is bare, and while we are being honest, your life’s a bit of a mess (been there, friend) – but it doesn’t have to be.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m the biggest advocate for avoiding chores on the weekend but also equally support taking opportunities to better your life. So meet me half way, and I’ll share with you a few easy ways you can get your life together this weekend.

#1 Prep your meals

When feeling inspired, spending time in the kitchen cooking up a storm is great. On the flipside, being forced to cook something after eating peanut butter on toast four nights in a row is no fun at all. You can feel an iron deficiency looming and are starting to see black spots. If this sounds like you, minimise your cooking by doing it all at once.

Instead of having to cook every single night, prep your meals ahead of time – apart from saving yourself the tedious task, you’ll more than likely be saving yourself some money in the process.

Prepping meals allows you to tailor your shopping list to the bare necessities, buying only the ingredients you really need, with nothing going to waste. Plus, if you chuck whatever you’ve cooked in the freezer, it’s going to last for ages.

Buying and cooking in bulk is always a handy option, and doesn’t have to mean eating the same meal for seven days straight either. Pick a few of your favourite recipes as a way of mixing things up and avoiding becoming more spaghetti bolognaise than human – it’s a serious condition, trust me.

#2 Clean your house  

Yep, the whole thing. Don’t get lazy on me and calling it quits after you’ve kind-of-but-not-really attempted cleaning your bathroom. Do it, now.

Go as deep as possible and clean stuff you weren’t even sure you needed to clean. I’m talking on top of fans, under the fridge and even the microwave plate – next level cleanliness.

Not only can you tell yourself and others you accomplished something over the weekend, but having a clean space has been scientifically proven to make your life infinitely better.

Doing a big clean now is also bound to leave you with less work throughout the week, and I am all for less work throughout the week.

#3 Set up automatic bank transfers

If you’re like me and push notification reminders are still sometimes not enough to ensure you pay your rent and phone bills on time, you might like to opt for automatic bank transfers.

Forgetting to pay bills is never a good look. Not only will your providers be pissed, but it could also result in a pretty sucky credit rating – and if I’ve learned anything from being an adult, it’s that credit ratings are very important and the sole way of determining one’s self worth.

Kidding, but having a bad credit score can put a constraint on things like loans and being approved for rentals, as well as resulting in higher interest rates on credit cards and higher insurance premiums. All stuff that nobody wants.

Do yourself a favour and set up automatic bank transfers this weekend. It’s super easy and allows you to tell your bank where to send the money, and the dates your bills are due – meaning you’ll never forget again.

#4 Self-care

Self-care Sundays should be something pencilled into everyone’s weekly schedule. Seriously, what better way to get ready to take on the week than by making sure your mind and body is set?

Now, how you decide to spend your self-care Sunday is totally up to you, the only rule is that whatever you’re doing has to be relaxing, and has to benefit you in some way.

It might be as simple as soaking in a hot bath with a face mask and exfoliating your entire body, listening to a guided meditation or hitting the gym to sweat out all of your stresses.

You do you, whatever makes you happy.

If you complete these four easy tasks, come Monday you’re sure to feel more accomplished, motivated and all-round put together. Go for it!