5 Clever Ways To Keep Cool In This Crazy Heat

What’s that dripping noise? Oh nothing, just the sweat pouring off us as we type this.

That $40 fan you bought from Kmart is no match for the rising temps – as those sweat marks on your t-shirt show. Well, we’ve got the tactics to keep you from turning into an actual puddle.

1. Slush it up

Lowering your core temperature actually helps your endurance – and while your new year’s resolution might have been to lay off the sugar, a group of researchers found that drinking a slushie helped athletes to work out for longer on a hot day. You’re probably not going to be running on a treadmill (it’s definitely not something we recommend for keeping cool) but even stepping outside at the moment requires stamina. Go on, don’t be a martyr.

2. Freeze your undies

Say no to polyester! On a hot day, it’s all about them natural fibres. Silk or cotton are the way to go. Level it up by putting your underwear in the freezer for half an hour (maybe stick them in a plastic bag first, so you don’t end up with frozen peas in your jocks).

3. Hack your fan

“It’s just moving the hot air around!” you cry as you endure another night with no relief. We hear ya. But as this easy-peasy DIY shows, it doesn’t have to be that way. Fill a bowl with some ice, put it in front of your fan, REJOICE. Or you could try this more colourful approach:


via reddit

4. Find the air con

The shopping centre is going to be crowded and besides, you’re on a budget. The movies are sold out. Where can you go?

We’ve already told you about some of the forgotten benefits of your local library. But on a day like today, there’s an added advantage – the air conditioning.

The same goes for the pub; art galleries; hey, I don’t know, a commercial kitchen with a cool room…

And if the beach is calling, be super careful to avoid sunburn – otherwise you’ll be radiating heat all by yourself.

5. Sleep it off

Apparently the ideal external temperature for sleep is 18 degrees. Which, hahahaha I WISH. Time to repurpose your hot water bottle: fill it up (with cold water, duh) and put it in the freezer. Take a cool shower before you go to bed to bring down your temperature, grab your not-hot hot water bottle, and clutch it as you dream of snow.