5 Easy Ways To Trick Yourself Into Exercising


If thinking of excuses not to exercise was a sport, we’d be Olympic gold medalists.

So from time to time it’s necessary to out-wit, outsmart, and out play ourselves. Whether it’s through providing incentives or making exercise simply unavoidable, sometimes you just have to find a way to make it work.

Here are five of our most foolproof ways to fool ourselves into exercising.

#1 Do it in the office

Look, it might feel a bit weird, but office exercise an excellent two-for-one: instead of reaching for the biscuit tin when you hit the three o’clock slump, do some squats, lunges or rock-climbers. You’ll boost your heart rate and increase productivity, all while skipping the sugar hit.

#2 Just add wine

Turns out wine bottles make excellent stand ins for dumbbells. And once you’ve done some solid reps, why not reward yourself with a glass? The Wine Workout has scored an impressive number of views on Youtube, showing just how keen we all are to combine our vices with our virtues.

#3 Earn points

Remember in primary school how you’d get stickers if you did well? Well, here’s the grown up version, and it’s far more valuable.

Qantas Assure, the fastest-growing health insurance brand in Australia, has a mobile app that allows customers to earn Qantas Points through daily activity.

Brian Funston, Qantas Assure Executive Manager Loyalty Ventures, says people love the idea of being rewarded for being active.

“Australians are looking for something more from their cover – not only are we offering them private health insurance, but we’re encouraging our members to live healthier lifestyles which has the potential for significant benefits for our broader health system.”

#4 Use your competitive streak to your advantage

Hate losing? Then use that to your advantage by engaging in a little friendly competition with your mates. Set a goal – whether it’s to workout a certain number of times a week, or hit a particular number of steps. May the best person win.

#5 Treat yourself

If it’s hard to find the motivation to exercise, why not incentivise it? Use the carrot instead of the stick. Perhaps you can buy that game console you’ve had an eye on if you work out three days a week for a month. Or maybe you can have a day at the spa as a reward for all your hard work.


Whatever works, works – and eventually you might find you enjoy the exercise part, too.