5 Life Moments When You Should Speak To A Pro About Your Money

So you’ve unlocked another level in this game we call life: congratulations! No doubt you’re excited about whatever comes next, and you might have some butterflies too. Major life moments seem pretty adult, and we all feel like kids on the inside, right? If you want to set yourself up for success – and ease some of those nerves – then the best thing you can do is talk to a professional for financial advice. They can help you make a plan to make the most of your money, and help you feel in control of your dollars – and your life.

Whether you’ve just started a new job, or are in the midst of planning a wedding, it’s worth seeking expert advice on how to manage your money.

Here are five moments in life when you should get professional financial advice.

#1 Getting your first ‘real’ job

You’re fresh out of uni and have just landed a killer new job – suddenly, every fortnight the direct deposit hits. There’s something so thrilling about having a salary to rely on, but we can quickly find ourselves wondering where all that cash went. Or perhaps you’re a natural saver, and you want some guidance on how to handle your growing nest egg.

This is a great opportunity to find someone who you trust to teach you some basics of money management. It could be a friend, a parent or hey – The Cusp.

#2 Buying your first home

So you’ve decided to say “sayonara” to your landlord (or, let’s be real, your folks) and buy your own bricks and mortar. Nice one! You’ve sacrificed your Saturday brunch dates for house inspections, and your head is swirling with the possibilities of home ownership.

Overwhelmed by the options? Then head to the bank and talk to someone who can set you straight.

Collaborating with an advisor on the important financial goals of saving for a deposit, budgeting and managing your mortgage repayments will make your life easier, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

#3 Starting a family

You’re having a baby! Your mum is thrilled to bits, your in-laws are already stockpiling toys, and you’re having nightly meetings with your partner to talk names. How bloody exciting.

You’ve probably discussed future work plans with your partner – perhaps one of you will stay at home, or maybe you’ll be getting childcare. This is a great time to loop a professional in on the conversation, so you can talk about managing the costs and setting the whole family up for financial success in the years to come.

#4 Getting married

Walking down the aisle often comes with financial implications. Perhaps you’re combining your money, or one or both of you have debt that you’d like to pay off. Then there’s the wedding itself, which is often as exxy as it is exciting.

Sitting down with an outside party (i.e. someone who won’t be caught up in the emotions of your big day) can help you clear your head and put together a solid savings plan in order to get you set up and prepared for your wedding – and your life together.

#5 Making that nest egg grow

So you’ve saved some money – now what? There are a bunch of options out there, and deciding between them can be overwhelming. Managed funds, investing in super? A financial advisor can help you understand the different options available and give you guidance on what suits you best.

Getting a helping hand with your money is a smart move, no matter what your situation is. A professional giving financial advice can give you peace of mind, let you know where you stand and help you get where you’re going. You’ll live life to the fullest knowing your finances are in order.

Want to get some help reaching your financial goals? Westpac and BT have qualified financial advisors in branch to help guide you through life’s important moments.