5 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Being More Productive At Work

We all have days at work where we’d rather be, well, anywhere else. When we’re not feeling it, it can be increasingly difficult to conjure up the energy and motivation to knock over all those tasks that need to be done by the end of the day.

Well, luckily there are ways around it. You could always attempt to trick yourself into being more productive. Start by testing out some of these tips yourself.

#1 Start the day with a fun task

Often the best way to find inspiration is to just start. What better way than to begin with your favourite job on your to-do list?

While some prefer to leave the fun stuff for the end of the day as a little bit of a treat and way to wind down before home time, when in a slump, knocking over this stuff first thing is sometimes enough to pull you out.

It could simply be something that doesn’t require a whole lot of brainpower or creative energy. Once you’ve completed the task, it’s one thing knocked off the list, and the sense of accomplishment is enough to create some momentum and inspire you to keep knocking over those other jobs that need completing.

#2 Write a to-do list and reward yourself along the way

There’s only thing more satisfying than crossing something off your to-do list, and that’s rewarding yourself for doing so.

What you reward yourself with is completely up to you – whatever it is that’s compelling enough to keep you smashing through those tasks. It might be a walk and some fresh air, treating yourself to a delicious lunch or five minutes of looking at dog memes – you’ve deserved it.

#3 Get competitive

If you’re competitive by nature, use this to your advantage. Think back to a recent time when you had a particularly productive day. Are you seriously going to let that younger, less wise and inferior being beat you?

Didn’t bloody think so. Get cracking.

#4 Schedule your procrastination

I’m going to procrastinate. You’re going to procrastinate. Today, tomorrow, and into the foreseeable future… Whether it’s spending 10 minutes replying to emails when you should be doing something more important, or just staring into void for a few seconds and briefly forgetting what year it is – we all do it.

Procrastination is however a major productivity killer. The best way to beat these distractions is to schedule time for them – this way you’re in control of exactly how much time you’re spending.

If every couple of hours you need five minutes to keep up to date with the dumb things happening on the internet, do it, but only for the brief amount of time you’ve allowed yourself – then straight back into it.

#5 Think of why you’re here

Ask yourself why you’re doing these tasks in the first place (without spiralling into an existential crisis). Maybe you’re saving up for a holiday, or working towards the corner office.

Even if your why isn’t especially bold or fulfilling, it might be enough to get you moving, even if it’s just to get the bills paid for the month – reminding yourself of why you’re working is sometimes enough of a push to keep on keeping on.