6 Instagram Accounts Guaranteed To Fill Your Feed With Joy

Are you forever scrolling, scrolling, scrolling and slowly loosing the zest for life? Well, us too. So give these six enlightening and entertaining Instagram accounts a follow, and we guarantee that your feed will soon be full of joy, motivation and self-love in no time.

And you might be rewarded with an extra burst of creative inspiration.

#1 Mari Andrew

Mari Andrew is a writer and illustrator based in Washington, DC.  She’ll give you one delightfully insightful and cute-as-a-button drawing per day, covering anything from break-ups and decision making, to feelings, families and friendships. 

Mari Andrew

Images: Mari Andrew/Instagram

Follow her at @ByMariAndrew.

#2 Frances Cannon

A Melbourne-based feminist and founder of the Self Love Club, Frances Cannon’s charming ink and watercolour doodles predominately explore body image and self-confidence.

PicMonkey Collage1

Images: Frances Cannon/Instagram

Follow her at @frances_cannon.

#3 Meera Lee Patel

Living in New York, Meera Lee Patel is a colourful creative who gives us a behind the scenes tour of her artistic journey. Her life motto – and title of her published journal – is Start From Where You Are

PicMonkey Collage_M

Follow her at @merelymerralee.

#4 Lee Crutchley

Lee Crutchley is an illustrator from London, and author of a very good book titled How To Be Happy (Or At Least Less Sad). Expect to get an honest inside into the sometimes happy, sometimes sad mind of Lee.

PicMonkey Collage_Lee

Follow him at @leecrutchley.

#5  Mister Doodle

This typographer based in Indonesia will fill your feed with bright and bold reminders to follow your heart, and chase adventure.

PicMonkey Collage_D

Follow him at @misterdoodle.

#6 Katie Abey

U.K. based cartoonist and cat enthusiast Katie Abey is guaranteed to brighten up your day, in a big way. Her illustrations focus on motivation, happiness and sarcasm, with plenty of excellent animal puns thrown in for good measure.

PicMonkey Collage K

Follow her at @katieabey.

Lead Image: Meera Lee Patel/Instagram