6 Ways Travelling For A Year Will Completely Change Your Life

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Few experiences transform the heart, mind and soul quite as amazingly as an extended jaunt abroad. Whether you’ve just finished school and you’re searching for the next step, or craving a change of scene from your stale 9-to-5, a year abroad could be the best thing you’ve ever decided to do.

Simply put, travelling the world is evolutionary: the person you are when you fly off almost definitely wouldn’t recognise the version who returns home a year later. Here’s a shortlist of some of the things that a year around the world will do to you.

#1 Skyrocket your self-confidence

The world’s leading ‘Travel Psychologist’, Dr Michael Brein is bang on when he describes travel as an unparalleled ‘rush of rewards’. Experiencing the gifts of the world is an opportunity to learn and adapt to new situations more rapidly and more profoundly than the comfort zone of our existence at home ever could.

In the flurry of so many new experiences, we can almost feel our self-confidence growing by the day – and that, folks, feels pretty darn good, especially when you head back home and realise how much more capable you are at ‘doing life’ than you were before you left.

#2 Make you more employable

Worldliness counts for a lot these days, not just symbolically, but in the workforce too. While some might argue that a year away will stunt your career momentum, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest it’ll open more doors than it’ll close. As well as making you look more entrepreneurial, a recent study revealed that more than 80% of employers said they’re more likely to employ you if you’ve travelled abroad.

On top of teaching you how to navigate new experiences, travel helps you more become adaptable and more personable, helps you learn how to solve problems, teaches you how to deal with stress, and encourages you to learn new languages – stand-out-from-the-crowd skills in today’s competitive working arena.

#3 Make you a better, more compassionate human

Being awash in life’s great cultural soup has the tendency to make you more empathetic, compassionate, and more aware of life’s glorious diversity, which, for all intents and purposes, makes you an even more excellent human.

More acutely, travel reinforces the fact that, despite all our little regional differences, we’re pretty much all the same – in our era of strife and misunderstanding, the world can’t get enough of this perspective. Get out, get amongst it, and connect with your fellow human beings – it’ll help you grasp where you fit into the mix, and help heal the world a little too.

#4 Help you manage your money

If nothing else, budgeting for a year-long adventure abroad makes you a maven when it comes to managing finances.

From sorting out dorm bed tariffs, to daily meal allowances, to how much you can peel off for a few wild nights out, travel encourages, and demands you, to preside like a boss over your bank balance. After all, if you don’t, you’re either sleeping in the street, or heading home fast.

#5 Make you more organised

While some might perceive travel as a sure-fire way to ditch responsibility, there’s a fair argument that it actually does the opposite. Rocking it solo on the other side of the planet forces you to become a master of your own domain – plane fares, hotel bookings, connections, itineraries, visas, bureaucracy, and countless other logistical details aren’t gonna organise themselves.

The liberation and freedom of travel necessitate a little extra organisation to keep the ship afloat, and owning your affairs like a true captain will only make you feel more capable.

#6 Stoke your creative flame

Travel can be a non-stop creative charge to the spirit and soul. With your senses on fire, your mind starts to perceive things differently and you can see the world around you through new perspectives. Travel begets creativity: an opportunity for the ‘right brain’ to breathe, grow, and thrive.

There’s no telling what kind of life-transforming insights you’ll stumble on, and decide put into practice once you head back home.


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