A Dance Teacher’s Guide To Get Moving in Sydney

When it hits the holidays you might be inclined to crumple into an exhausted heap, but the day after that? Glorious, unadulterated spare time. The realisation you’re no longer chained to a desk might make you happy dance through your living room, and that is very good and you should definitely do that.

Dance and physical movement are some of the best ways to work yourself, because when you’re learning a new skill or routine, you’re putting both body and mind through their paces. Plus, a class environment means you’re forced to meet other cool kids, ergo things rarely get boring. So before you get horizontal on the couch, harness that joy and funnel it towards these Sydney spots that professional dancer, choreographer, founder of Hollaback dance classes and Chief Cool Kid, Amrita Hepi, loves.

Sky Zone AU Facebook
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Sky Zone

There’s a certain grace that one can only achieve when gravity is taken out of the equation. Underwater martial arts and trampolining are fine examples of this – head to Sky Zone to experience the latter. I did have to compete with a bunch of 10-year-olds but it was totally worth it, plus I really got to nail my backflip technique with them spotting me.
Disclaimer: you do not need to do backflips or talk to the pre-teens.

Image: Sky Zone AU Facebook

peaches pilates
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Peaches Pilates Bondi

I was sucked into this place because of its marketing image – which is the peach emoji, the iconic millennial image for the booty – and seeing as I have a slightly bigger derrière than your average woman, I am thankful this round peach is setting new booty standards/goals. Tori is a wonderful instructor and the classes are intimate.

Image: Peaches Pilates Facebook

sky lab yoga
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Aerial Yoga at Sky Lab

Now this may not be for everyone, and when I first did AcroYoga in San Fran I vomited – don’t eat a huge plate of frijoles before class – but Sky Lab’s aerial yoga is gentle, lovely and patient. It’s yoga sans gravity.

Image: Sky Lab

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Shameless self promo here. Come take a class with me! After moving with hundreds of delightful honeys from GOODGOD, I decided to make it a weekly occurrence. The new year sees the movement spreading to Bondi and Surry Hills, while at the moment we have classes in Marrickville and Alexandria. Hollaback is the class you go to because you’ve never danced before or you dance all the time.

Image: supplied

duti dance fb
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DUTI Studios

These studios have a really lush New York loft vibe, are close to Newtown Station and offer a varying range of movements. My favourite class here is Lucky Lartley’s African classes – the movement is really bold, repetitive and fun – and after a 90-minute class you walk out with a feeling of physical vengeance.

Image: DUTI Facebook

dancekool website
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Nestled in the backstreets of Chinatown, this studio is like the original place for street styles of dance. Do yourself a favour and go and take Bhenji Ra’s vouging class before he’s so huge he’s in outer-space, or a K-pop class or even one of Karen Sui’s waacking classes. You will not leave disappointed.

Image: DanceKool

umbilico site
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Do you find yourself daydreaming at your computer about flying through the air doing a mixture of martial arts, combined with aerial silks or trapeze while listening to Diana Ross’s ‘Upside Down’‘? SAME! Have you always thought it’d be a) crazy expensive and b) way too hard? Well, it’s not. It’s achievable and relatively affordable. Complete your trapeze/aerial silks fantasy for prices starting at $20. There is a comprehensive mix of adult-friendly gymnastics on offer, too.

Image: Umbilico Facebook

heaps gay parties
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Heaps Gay Parties

Hands down this may be one of the best dance floors/places for movement in Sydney. Shout outs and honourable movement mentions also go to Halfway CrooksPELVIS and House of Mince. You will find a bevvy of diverse dances and A-grade spaces for movements at all of these parties.

(Lead image: supplied, credit: Lester Jones)