A Dietician Tells Us How To Avoid The 3pm Slump

The office vending machine is the obvious but not-so-healthy place to go to satisfy your cravings during the afternoon. In order to avoid eating snacks that are high in sugar, salt or bad fats, it’s important to keep healthy options on hand for when the 3pm hunger sets in. Dietician Lyndi Cohen has your back – consider this your shopping list.

Below are five healthy, high-energy options you can easily bring into the office to help satisfy your cravings so you won’t be tempted to dive into the office biscuit tin.

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#1 Edamame beans

These are naturally gluten-free and high fibre, contain no cholesterol and are a good source of plant protein, iron, and calcium. They are a slow burning carbohydrate so will help keep you energised to keep you going. They are also super accessible – grab them from any Japanese sushi restaurant.

#2 Fruit and vegetables

Traditional fatty and sugary snacks like biscuits are very easily digested by your body, causing a spike in energy levels followed very quickly by a big drop. When your energy levels slump, you’re more likely to reach for a sweet treat. By comparison, vegetables and fruit are slower to digest causing less of a dramatic peak in sugars and the fibre helps keep you fuller for longer. As a rule, think fresh is best when it comes to healthy snacking.

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#3 Salmon

Healthy fats derived from oily fish like salmon give you slow burning energy that is high quality while at the same time helping you regulate your mood (so no 3pm grumpiness!). Salmon is also rich in potassium, magnesium and vitamin B12 and B6, which is vital for energy production. Mix up your carrot and humus dip for smoked salmon pate or add some hot smoked salmon into a vegetable or bean mix for a long-lasting energy boost.

#4 A handful of nuts and seeds

Try mixing it up with some pumpkin seeds or even pine nuts and pistachios. Full of fibre, protein and healthy fats, a healthy handful of nuts will give you an energy boost any time you’re feeling sluggish – without the sugar rush.


#5 A small tub of full-fat Greek yoghurt

Eating yogurt is one of the most common ways to consume the healthy bacteria beneficial to the gut known as probiotics. Probiotics are effective in regulating the digestive system which, can help combat afternoon bloating. Yoghurt has lactose, a naturally occurring slow-burning sugar that can help give you a sweet kick without the slump. Add a handful of berries for an extra antioxidant boost!

Lyndi Cohen is an Australian dietitian (APD) cheekily known as The Nude Nutritionist. She’s also the nutrition expert for Huon Salmon. Lyndi adopts a wholefoods approach to eating, she’s made it her mission to help others who also feel let down by diets and confusing nutrition advice. She is all about stripping back the nutrition misinformation and making healthy eating simple again.