How To Adult: 5 Quick Brekkie Ideas Using 5 Key Ingredients

A healthy breakfast often feels like an unachievable goal. It seems we’re either running low on time or on low on energy, so putting together something that’s both satisfying and healthy seems near impossible. And you know what they say: breakfast is the most important meal of the day! So why is it so hard to get out of a Vegemite on toast morning rut?

We’re overflowing with great brekkie ideas here at The Cusp, but the biggest piece of wisdom we’d like to impart is that sometimes you’ve just gotta keep things simple. Five ingredient simple, to be exact.

Here are the five breakfast staples you’ll need to complete your morning goal: oats (high in fibre and minerals), greek yoghurt (great for digestion as it’s packed with probiotics), spinach (antioxidant-rich and the best source of iron of all green veggies), cottage cheese (rich source of protein, calcium and b-vitamins) and wholemeal wraps (whole grains are high in fibre and keep you fuller for longer – score!) Together they’d be a crunchy gooey mess – but added to whatever you’ve got in your fridge or pantry and you’ve got breakfast gold. An inimitable combination of healthy, tasty and filling to get you through the day.

For meal inspiration we’ve put together a handy video as part of our ‘How To Adult’ video series. Below you’ll find five quick breakfast ideas that are easy as pie to whip up, and will keep you satisfied right through to lunch. Oh and did we mention they’re crazy simple to put together?

How To Adult – 5 Quick Brekkie Ideas Using 5 Key Ingredients

Get out of that Vegemite on toast morning rut. Read more: http://bit.ly/2i2cEN4.

Posted by The Cusp on Tuesday, 20 December 2016