Apps To Support Your Side Hustle

It’s fair to say, we’re living in the era of side-gigs. It seems having a job on the side of your regular 9-5 is totally normal and for some, a great way to pursue a passion project. It also helps that it puts a bit of extra cash in your pockets (let’s face it, that’s our main motivation).

Whether you’re freelancing or putting that yoga course you took during a trip to Bali to good use, a side-gig is a great way to make something you love, work for you.

But one of the challenges of having a side hustle is identifying the tools to keep it organised and successful. Let’s be honest, no one has time for more admin in their life.

For your benefit, and sanity, we’ve assembled five apps to help support your professional bit on the side. You’re welcome.

Eventbrite Organiser

Want to host a welcome event for your new yogis, or even host a networking night? This clever little app makes hosting and managing an event something you don’t need a degree to do. Edit your event details on the go, track ticket sales and easily check-in guests – all from your mobile device. Being able to make operational decisions in real-time, means that whatever family dinner or birthday drinks you’re at, you’ll be able to ensure your event goes off without a hitch!


Whether it’s invoicing clients for the bespoke jewellery you made them, or collecting payments for those personal training sessions, Invoice2go lets you create and send professional invoices on the spot – making it simple and painless to track work and collect payments. We all love spending our hard earned cash on things that make us happy, so why stress over cash flow? It’s not worth the premature grey hairs.

Dropbox Paper

The back and forth of most day-to-day collaborative work can be tedious. So many edits. So many emails. Not enough time. Juggling a full-time job and a side hustle is hard enough without the extra admin. Enter, Dropbox Paper. The app is like a flexible workspace that encourages creative and collaborative work, in real-time. It keeps ideas and conversations in one place, where they are accessible from any device and can be shared with anyone. If you love the idea of eliminating the back and forth of editing documents via email, and would rather save time by working on tasks simultaneously with others – you won’t be able to live without Dropbox Paper.


Like any job, your side hustle needs structure and organisation. Whether it’s a personal to-do list or your weekly schedule, Trello can keep your workflow organised. Each card you create on Trello represents a task, which you can add comments to and attach documents, due-dates and checklists. The handy app means you have visibility over every task, at all times, from any device.


Having a side hustle is all about faking it until you make it. Skype enables you to host videoconferences at any time, from any device. Working a 9-5 job and a side hustle can be hard to balance, so having the flexibility to host a video call on your lunch break, from your phone, is invaluable for side-giggers. The video communications tool will help make you look like the entrepreneur you’re striving to be.