Australians Are Stuffing Their Cash In Their Undies And It Needs To Stop

It’s a dilemma we’ve all faced. You’re going to the beach, and you just know you’re going to want some fish and chips while you’re there. But you can’t take your wallet with you – what do you do with it while you’re in the water? So you stash some cash in your cossies and hope for the best.

Or maybe you’re heading out to a music festival, and you don’t want the hassle of carrying a wallet around with you.

Westpac research found 49% of women have stuffed cash in their bras when going out at night or heading out for a run, while 41% of men have stashed cash in their socks or undies.

The stats show why people are so wary about bringing their wallets to the beach. Shockingly, one third – ONE THIRD! – of the millennials surveyed said their wallet had been lost or stolen at the beach.

Let’s face it: sometimes, wallets are a pain. And while smartphone payments can be super convenient, we don’t want to carry our phone around all the time, either.

That’s where payment accessories come in.

It’s the way of the future, except it’s here, now. A microchip that you can wear in a silicone band, or attach to your watch or fitness band. You don’t need a wallet, you don’t need a bag – you don’t even need batteries. It’s as simple as tap and pay – and head back to the waves, or the festival.

The 2017 Westpac Hands-Free Payments Survey found 70% of Australians agreed that they would only wear a wearable device if it suited their own personal style and lifestyle.

This is why Westpac is working with leading Australian designers to create a range of Paywear accessories which suit your lifestyle. The first designer is award-winning surfboard designer and entrepreneur Hayden Cox of Hayden Shapes, who’ll design a range of Westpac Paywear accessories to be released in early 2018.

Best of all, Westpac Paywear is free for a limited time for all Westpac customers. So you have no excuses for stuffing $20 notes in your undies.

Order your PayWear Essentials via Westpac Live and express your interest for the upcoming PayWear Designer ranges here.

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