10 Practical Items For Any Man’s Autumn Wardrobe

Summer has wrapped up, meaning it’s out with the old and in with the new. So what better excuse to resurface your warmer clothes or, better yet, go out and buy yourself a new autumn wardrobe?

If you’re not sure what to be on the lookout for, or are just searching for a little inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of 10 autumn essentials to get you started.

#1 Rain jacket

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Similar to every other season, it rains in autumn. But the difference is, with these lower temperature, it takes a little while longer to dry up after a shower. So having a trustworthy lightweight rain jacket in your cupboard is a must.

Get something comfortable that can be easily thrown over whatever you’re wearing. Best of all, should you misplace your umbrella it’s no biggie – you’re sorted.

#2 Smart boots

A smart pair of boots is essential to your autumn wardrobe. They can be dressed down with jeans and a tee or dressed up with chinos, a button-up and blazer. Wear them to work, on the weekends – whenever you like.

Whether you opt for suede or leather, doesn’t matter – just ensure they’re comfortable and somewhat weatherproof. Just if you’re dropping a fair amount of money on them, be sure to read the care instructions carefully to give them the longest life possible.

#3 Lightweight knitwear

The not-quite-winter, not-quite-summer period can be awkward as hell. Taking a glance outside your window and taking a stab at what to wear can be a bit of a gamble.

This is where lightweight knitwear comes in. It’s not super heavy, is long-sleeved to keep you warm and can be easily stripped off and carry should it become too warm. Tie it around your waste or even around your shoulders for a tennis dad aesthetic – we don’t judge.

#4 Denim jacket

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We don’t care what anyone says, denim jackets are cool. And like, an effortless kind of cool that is perfect for autumn. They can be worn with shorts, or dressed up with jeans (a little double denim never killed anyone) and a smart pair of boots.

#5 Slim-fit chinos 

Give your jeans a break and invest in a good pair of chinos. They’re smart-looking enough that you can wear them to the office (pending you don’t work in a super corporate office) and look fly.

Again, they can be dressed up with a button up, or can give more of a casual vibe with a hoodie or tee.

#6 Denim shirt

The denim shirt is maybe one of the most versatile items you can have in your autumn wardrobe. Wear it unbuttoned with a white tee for a cool and casual feel, buttoned up, around your waste – whatever you’re into.

We wouldn’t recommend pairing a denim shirt with jeans though, unless they’re different colours. A dark blue shirt can go with light coloured jeans, vice versa, but when you pair two of the same shades you run the risk of looking like a monochromatic monster.

#7 Leather jacket

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A leather jacket is an investment – they’re not cheap. But the payoff is that if you look after it, it’s going to last a long, long time.

They’re comfortable, durable, are weatherproof and are maybe the coolest item of clothing to own. And if you’re not into leather, respect. There are plenty of great pleather options out there.

Ask yourself: can you really put a price on living your best Grease fantasy?

#8 Lightweight hoodie

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No doubt you’ve got a few existing in your autumn wardrobe, but how many lightweight numbers do you own?

We reckon you should have at least one. They’re perfect for the gym or going for a run when the weather turns a bit nippy, are the perfect choice for a quiet weekend at home and best of all, are criminally comfy.

#9 Practical sneakers

Walking long distances in a shoddy pair of sneakers can be painful, and autumn is arguably the most beautiful season – you deserve to get outside and enjoy it!

Invest in a good, pair of practical sneakers – you’ll thank us for it.

#10 A transitional coat

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A transitional coat is the ultimate between-season accessory. They’re lighter than a coat and more durable than a jacket. Think of them as an all-weather trench or parka.

If you get your hands on a smart-looking one, it’ll be your best friend this autumn. Wear it to work, class, on the weekends – whenever. Best of all, it’ll serve you well into winter, too.

It’s important to note that getting hold of these items doesn’t have to cost you a bunch. Stay vigilant and look out for sales, discount offers, or search your local op shops and second hand clothes stores, you never know what kinds of incredible pre-loved goods you might find for your autumn wardrobe.

Bradley is a writer from regional NSW and he didn’t come here to make friends, he came to win. He tweets infrequently and mostly about reality TV to his 43 followers @bradjohnston_.