Bank Balance Confessions: The 30-Year-Old Working In Music

Here at The Cusp, we believe that talking about money empowers us to make more informed choices – and that tracking your spending can be revelatory. Here’s the latest instalment in our series exploring the income and expenditure of young Australians. Want to get better with money? We can help you there, too.

My salary after tax (and HECs payments) is $1,040 per week, and I get paid fortnightly.

This was a fun but expensive week for me. I went away for the weekend with my boyfriend, took a friend out for her birthday, and took another friend out for her farewell. I also ate out a lot, as I was either out or didn’t have spare time to cook.

There were a lot of expenses that had already been paid for (such as flights, roughly $300), and other expenses that I haven’t paid for yet (accommodation, $300 for my share – need to transfer money to my boyf! – and a parking ticket, $109, which I don’t plan on paying for some time).

It was also interesting to see how expenses are split with my boyfriend. I always felt like he pays for more than half of our dates, but looking over the week I see just how much I pay too.

I owe $5,500 on my credit card right now, eek. I also owe about $5,000 on my car loan. I have no idea how much my HECs debt is, I don’t really think about it. And I currently have about $2,200 in savings (should probably use a bunch of that to pay off some of my credit card debt).


  • $2.50 – KitKat
  • $80 – Nails appointment (shouted my friend for her birthday)
  • $29 – Dinner for me and my friend.

= $111.50


  • $21.80 – Uber to the airport
  • $4.95 – Breakfast at the airport
  • $17 – Farewell present for a friend (I’d also bought something earlier in the week)
  • $52.95 – Health fund monthly payment
  • $18 – Snacks for me and my boyfriend
  • $25 – Dinner for me and my boyfriend.

= $139.08


  • $46 – lunch for me and my boyfriend.

= $46

I definitely need to cut back on eating out. I normally try to cook at home more, and bring in food for lunches, but I’ve been so busy lately and haven’t been making time for it.


  • $8.70 – Hairbrush
  • $10 – Jewellery
  • $15 – Bedsheet (for camping)
  • $22 – Dinner for me and my boyfriend
  • $16 – Second dinner for me and my boyfriend.

= $71.70

The weekend away was expensive I guess, but it was nice to go away on a romantic weekend.


  • $14.45 – Breakfast for me and my boyfriend
  • $37 – Lunch for me and my boyfriend
  • $3 – Chocolate
  • $120 – Dinner for me and we all shouted my friend, who’s going away.

= $174.45

I don’t regret any of the money I spend on my friends. It’s important to celebrate the birthday, and the farewell was for one of my best friends… Who knows when we’ll next go out for dinner.


  • $4 – Coffee
  • $7.50 – Lunch
  • $3.50 – Chocolate
  • $16.90 – Dinner
  • $8.50 – Parking fee

= $40.50


  • $2.10 – Bus
  • $3.50 – Coffee
  • $10 – Lunch
  • $4 – Coffee
  • $110 – Dress
  • $40 – Birthday present for my boyfriend (and I’ll buy some other things later)
  • $14.50 – Dinner
  • $10 – Wine at a gig

= $194.10

I probably didn’t need that dress, either…

Total weekly spend: $777.23

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