5 Morning Rituals For People Who Love Sleep-Ins

For most of us, waking up at 5am to squeeze in yoga, a 10km run and a homemade acai bowl is not feasible nor desirable. Instead, we prefer to stay cushioned in our bed under the doona, pressing snooze three or four times before being shocked at the time, pulling on yesterday’s clothes and running out the door with our shoes slung over our shoulder.

Here are 5 things I’ve made a part of my Monday–Friday routine that make me feel a heck of a lot better about staying under my doona until the very last minute.

#1 Resist scrolling the feeds in bed

Once you switch off your third snooze alarm, get out of bed. Don’t scroll the gram just yet. You’ll probably spend your entire commute on your phone, not to mention the 3 or 4 toilet trips you’ll do at work checking in on the argument on that status you smoke bombed on last night.

Waking up to the light of a screen makes you want to stay in bed all morning and it’ll hijack your morning routine. Notifications make us anxious – if they’re work emails, we start stressing long before we’re being paid to stress. If they’re Facebook or Insta notifications, they’re usually reminding us of everything we missed since yesterday, which is a breeding ground for FOMO, jealousy and/or eyebrow-raising judgement.

You don’t need that negative energy in your life as soon as you wake up. Get comfortable living your own day before you bury your nose in how someone else lives theirs.

#2 Stretch

After you’ve made a promise to yourself that now is the time you’re going to get out of bed, roll your body from the bed to the floor and do a couple of minutes of stretching.

This isn’t necessarily #fitspo, but it’s a great way to remind yourself you have legs and arms and that they need to wake up too. Touch your toes and feel the stretch in your legs. Stretch your arms, your neck, your back. You’re alive, baby!

#3 Eat a piece of fruit before brekkie

We all know that eating a piece of fruit is a healthy life choice. But did you know eating a piece of fruit on an empty stomach is actually better for you? Your body uses different enzymes to digest food when your stomach is empty, so it can process all the nutrients, fibres and simple sugars more effectively.

Let the juice of your mango dribble down your chin, make yourself a fresh orange juice or shove an apple in your mouth as you bolt out the door. Your body will thank you for it!

#4 Play your favourite music really loudly in the shower

If you’re a shower-to-wake-yourself-up kind of person, then it’s time to play your favourite tunes and have a little boogie. If there’s no one else in the house, sing really loudly. Belt it out. My go-to is the All Out 60s playlist on Spotify.

There’s nothing like a good butt jiggle in the morning. Much better than a shower where you stand with your head down, contemplating whether to call in sick because you can’t be bothered today.

#5 Have breakfast outside

If you don’t have breakfast, you know you need to. Sit outside in the morning sun and munch on a piece of Vegemite toast. You’re probably going to be cooped up inside all day, longing to be lying on the beach or under a tree in a park – so make the most of your limited time in the morning to have a bite in the fresh air.

Try not sit there with your feet up scrolling the feeds. Not using your phone is like modern-day meditation. Just sit there and watch the birds and ponder existence or something.

These five little steps are easy steps to accomplish. Most of these things – like waking up and showering, are things you’re probably going to be doing anyway. It’s all about injecting those morning activities with more energy while maximising your pre-work sleep in.

By doing these 5 things, I’ve found my motivation for work and my ability to think creatively has seriously increased which, in turn, makes me a better employee and a better human being.

Ruby is a freelance writer and digital marketer hopping from couch to couch in Sydney. She’s usually barefoot, talking about how much she’s craving sashimi or reading a good book.