The Best Apps To Help You Set Goals (And Smash Them)

The very first step in achieving something is setting a goal. Some goals are big and ambitious, while others are small and attainable – either way, they require a level of commitment and determination to actually achieve.

We can all agree setting goals is easy, but actually putting in the effort and sticking to them can prove rather difficult, so it’s important to take help wherever you can get it. Lucky for us, help is just a swipe away with so many goal-setting apps existing for your phone.

Here are some of our choice picks.

#1 Habitica

Perfect for those who spend a little too much time playing games on their phone, Habitica allows you to treat your day-to-day life like a video game, helping you stay motivated and organised along the way.

In the app you will custom create an avatar, and earn points and rewards by completing daily tasks which you set yourself. Tasks fall under three categories: dailies, to-dos and habits. The first two are pretty self-explanatory – whenever you complete them you earn reward points.

The habits category helps you to form new productive habits or boot negative ones – maybe you want to start exercising more and stop eating junk food. You log your progress and the app will reward you for good behaviour, and punish you when you slip up.

Of course, you need to be diligent and actually input this activity accurately to receive correct results in the app, but it’s a fun way to track your progress. You can also add friends who use the app for a competitive edge, and a little accountability.

It’s free, and available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

#2 HabitHub

I reckon Snapchat’s to blame for us becoming infatuated by the idea of streaks – getting stuff done and while never skipping a day. This is the entire concept that HabitHub is based off.

The app allows you to track habits and accomplish your goals while encouraging you to keep up the good work. It does this by putting into perspective just how much effort you’ve put already.

Let’s say you’ve vowed to workout every day, and you’ve already done so for 30 days straight and can clearly see that on your phone, you’re going to have more motivation to hit the gym and keep that streak. You won’t forget either, because the app has daily push notifications to remind you.

The app is totally customisable too with different themes, which is cool and different, and has a bunch of different features, like the ability to make daily notes in the app, look at your progress in graph form and even get notifications and mark progress on your smart watch.

It’s free, and available for download on Google Play.

#3 StickK

If playing games, daily notifications and graphs just aren’t cutting it; it might be time to pay for your blunders. And I mean that in the most literal sense.

StickK was developed by Yale University economists, and will cost you real money if you fail to reach a goal you set – a commitment contract binds you to a goal.

Set a goal and the timeframe you wish to complete it in, and then state how much money you’re willing to put on the line, and where you want the money to go should you fail to reach your goal. Then you design a third party referee to monitor your progress and deem whether or not the goal was accomplished.

If you’re going to give this one a crack, why not put your funds into your super account. At least that way if you slip up future you will appreciate it.

It’s free, and available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

#4 Strides

Strides strikes a balance between personal and professional goals.

When adding a new goal, you tell the app whether it’s a habit, number or project. Habits allow you to form or break behaviours as you choose and numbers are pretty self explanatory – allowing you to set numerical goals such as savings, hours of exercise etc. Projects is where you can create your professional goals and set milestones to their own specific time period.

The app will send you notifications whenever tasks are due, and show a status bar as to how far along you are in your journey.

It’s free, and available for download on the App Store. There are however some premium features which require a subscription.

Bradley is a writer from Newcastle who enjoys travel, Tina Fey and is a connoisseur of cheap red wine.