Is It Better To Shower In The Morning Or At Night?

People feel weirdly passionate about what time of the day you should shower. It’s a conversation that has cropped up time and time again, sorting people into two camps of fiercely opposed people: morning showerers and night showerers.

Showering in the morning means that you feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead. It gets the sleep out of your eyes, the nighttime sweat off your body and gets you smelling all sweet and soapy for your colleagues. Well, that’s what I think anyway. I’ve been a morning showerer since day dot, preferring to prepare for my day under a stream of water and a fruity smelling body wash.

But I’ve found that the serial night showerers have a lot to say about this. They argue that forgoing a nightly shower makes you a big ol’ piggy rolling around in your dirty pen of a bed. Which, frankly, I find rude. I need that morning shower to kick start my day! Why can’t you let me live!!

Why you should shower at night

I recently caught an exclusively night showering friend mid-rant on this very topic. He was saying how he traveled with two people that wouldn’t shower before bed and the thought of them rolling around in their filth (see above) made him sick to his stomach. Even though they argued that they showered in the morning instead, he maintained it wasn’t good enough. In his eyes, they were filthy animals. Extreme, yes. But apparently, he’s not wrong.

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Sleep Ambassador Nancy Rothstein told news.com.au that a night time shower is a must. “When you get into bed, you should be clean,” she says. “You’ve been out and about all day — why would you want to get into bed like that?”

Rothstein is a sleep expert who advises people around the world on the most effective tactics to have a good night’s sleep. “Think of your shower as a segue to sleep,” Rothstein said. “The better you sleep, the better your hair and skin will look. So even if you’re exhausted and just want to crash, get in the shower and let the water run on your face and body.”

Mona Gohara, Associate Professor of Dermatology at Yale, also told news.com.au that it’s better for your skin to shower at night. She says, “Your skin naturally exfoliates and replenishes itself at night, so you leave a clean slate when the proverbial factory is open.”

Basically, if you’re not showering at night, you’re dirtying your sheets with all the bacteria, dirt and pollution that has clung to you over the course of the day. It’s clogging your skin and making it grumpy. Hm.

Why you should shower in the morning

As I mentioned above, showering in the morning really does wake you up and set you up for the day. If it’s part of your morning routine, it can give you a chance to calm your mind and process everything that’s coming ahead. And it’s not just me saying that.

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A study found that cold showers in the morning help reduce fatigue for people suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome as it helps people stay alert. So if you’re worried about a big day coming up, a morning shower could be the best thing to keep you focused.

Similarly, Shelley Carson, a psychology lecturer at Harvard University, explained to the Greatist that showering in the morning is also a great way to mull over big ideas and induce a creative spark. As a creative person and excessive daydreamer, this checks out. But unfortunately, showering in the morning isn’t necessarily the best for your body. Not the worst, but not the best.

Porque no los dos?

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It seems that yes, showering in the night and the morning might be the way to go. And while I don’t mind the idea of this, it does seem like an enormous waste of water. A 15 minute shower uses a huge 300 litres of water, after all. And according to Dr Gohara, two showers a day could severely dry out your skin. She also advises you use lukewarm water rather than scathing hot — a big ask in winter, I know — to ensure you don’t end up dry and scaly.

But if you’re going to pick one, technically a night shower is better. Showering in the morning is still okay, but it’s more beneficial for your mental health and headspace than it is for your personal hygiene. “If you like to shower in the morning, do it,” said Rothstein. “But definitely shower at night. It’s so important to go to bed clean, and it separates the day from the night.”

Excuse me while I admit defeat to the tribe of night showerers. It sucks to be wrong.

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