These Books Could Help You Sort Out Your Life

Stuck in a rut? Love life a mess? Struggling to be productive or keep your house tidy? Set aside Harry Potter, and stick your nose into a volume that’s bound to improve your life. From Alain de Botton’s advice on love, to Tim Ferriss explaining how to manage a four-hour work week, we’ve compiled a list of books that will hopefully help you in some way, big or small, to get your shiz together.

To sort out your love life: The Course of Love by Alain de Botton

Sure, it’s a work of fiction, but when it comes to philosophising about love, Alain de Botton is the master, fiction or non. This book follows a couple from their first wave of infatuation through the course of their relationship over a lifetime. It examines how relationships are maintained after the first thrill has dissipated, and how love isn’t necessarily something that comes naturally to us – we must learn how to love somebody beyond the first throes of passion. This is a book that will show you that relationships require work, and that love isn’t always a bed of roses (and that’s OK).

To get your house in order: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo

Albert Einstein once said, “if a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”. He may have a point, but we have to say that there is some merit in the act of cleaning – a tidy house might also equal a tidy mind. And that’s where Marie Kondo comes in with her New York Times bestseller. Her philosophy is that if you tidy up your house – properly – you will never have to do it again (just think of all the time you’ll save!). Her approach (do it all at once) takes commitment, sure, but considering she is promising a solution to your clutter woes once and for all, we reckon it’s worth it.

To cut down your work hours: The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

How many hours a day do you spend working? An average eight? Maybe 10 or 12 if you’re really committed? Tim Ferriss’ book is here to show you that you can actually get by (and still be able to pay your rent) on just four hours of work each week. Sure, your boss may not be happy about it, but that’s all the more reason to start your own business, or put your freelance hat on, right? In his book, Tim advocates outsourcing your life, and explains how to create what he calls automated cash flow ‘muses’, how to get free housing around the world, and how to jack up your income. Remote work and more money? Yes please!

To unlock your creativity: The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron

For almost 25 years, people from all sorts of backgrounds have turned to the pages of The Artist’s Way to help them recover their lost creativity – or find the creativity they never knew they had. Packed with techniques and exercises to help people gain confidence and harness their creative talents and skills, it’s helped many thousands – if not millions – of people release themselves from the fear that has been holding them back from their creativity. Even Elizabeth Gilbert has said that “without The Artist’s Way, there would have been no Eat, Pray, Love”.

To help you take control of your career: #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

You might have heard that Sophia Amoruso – founder of multi-million dollar clothing company, Nasty Gal, author of two bestselling books and a podcast – has stepped down from her duties as of today. The realities of business are harsh, and she has been through a lot, so now is as good a time as any to read her story. Sophia didn’t come from a rich family, or even one that encouraged her to become the success she is today – she began as a dumpster-diving college dropout who decided to sell some vintage clothes on eBay. Her book outlines her path to power, and her practical advice to those who also want to make something of themselves, which basically boils down to: work your arse off, and never believe your own hype. We can get behind that.

To get your finances sorted: Yes, You Can… Achieve Financial Independence by James E Stowers

Handling your personal finances seems like one of those things they should teach in school – after all, absolutely everyone is expected to have the money side of their lives sorted. James E Stowers explains basic concepts such as the shrinking dollar and compounding interest to get your finances on track. If you’re especially financially impaired, there are also cartoons and charts to help you understand these ideas without getting in a complete tangle. You’ll be talking stocks and bonds in no time at all.

To help you stop caring about stuff that doesn’t matter: The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck: How to Stop Spending Time You Don’t Have with People You Don’t Like Doing Things You Don’t Want to Do (A No F*cks Given Guide) by Sarah Knight

Are you, like any normal human, someone who pays a bit too much heed to what other people think of you? Do you kind of hate self-help books? Well, this self-help book will be right up your alley. It will teach you how to take back control of your life from other people and their demands on your time and energy, with criteria to help you decide whether you should give a f*ck, how to sort your f*cks into four separate categories, and how to not give a f*ck without looking like a complete douchebag. Just sit back, stop giving a f*ck and watch the free time and productivity roll on in.

We’re not saying these books will change your life… but they’re definitely a good start!

Che-Marie Trigg is a freelance writer and full-time subeditor. Her work has appeared in Virgin Australia Voyeur, Collective Hub and GoPlaces with Toyota magazines among others, as well as on websites like Broadsheet and Junkee. Follow her on Instagram @chemariet.