Can You Guess Australia’s Fastest Growing Fitness Activity?

With more emphasis on health and wellness than ever before, it’s unsurprising that workout trends have changed in the past decade. So how are Aussies getting their sweat on these days?

The form of exercise that topped Roy Morgan Research‘s nation-wide poll was (drum roll)… yoga. Unsurprisingly, this ancient form of movement came out on top as Australia’s favourite, growing fitness trend. We’re so keen for a downward dog that its popularity doubled since 2008.

While yoga’s surge in popularity may not be too shocking, what is surprising is that more Australians now do yoga than play soccer, cricket, tennis or golf – one in 10 Australians claiming to practice yoga on a regular basis.

Roy Morgan Research CEO Michele Levine says, “Although yoga is on its way to becoming a mainstream activity, the country’s two million participants remain a distinctive bunch.” The research shows that yoga participants are consistently more likely to be vegetarian, to buy organic, additive-free and genetically unmodified foods, to prefer healthy snacks, and to favour natural medicines and health products.

They’re also mostly female, with one in five millennial women uttering “namaste” regularly.

Another growing trend among young women is pilates, which is now more popular than aerobics with around 1.25 million Australians participating — but almost half of whom also do yoga.

Grab a mat and join the trend – there has to be something to it after all.

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