How To Treat Your Mum To A Good Mother’s Day Without Breaking The Bank

Mother’s Day is this weekend! If you forgot, don’t have anything planned or are just hanging on for dear life until next pay day and can’t afford to buy your mum the lavish gifts she deserves, don’t panic. We’ve got you boo.

Here are some sweet and inexpensive ways to ensure your mum has the best day ever.

Cook her favourite meals

The whole point of Mother’s Day is to show our appreciation for all the incredible things our mums have done and continue to do for us. Take a trip down memory lane – how many times do you reckon your mum has made sure you were fed? Too many to count, right?

Start with breakfast in bed (obviously), then cook your mum all of her favourite meals to show how much you love her. It’s personal, it’s sweet and it’s cheap – especially if you’re cooking at her place.

Do her chores

Some mums are guilty of pretending to enjoy chores to make us feel less guilty about the amount of work they do, but on Mother’s Day, they shouldn’t have to lift a finger. So drop by your mum’s place and do some jobs for her.

Clean her house, wash her car, do the laundry and tidy the yard. It’s only a small gesture but it’ll go a long way. We bet she appreciates it.

Make her a card

“They grow up so fast!” How many times have you heard this line in your existence? Give your mum what she really wants – you but 20 years ago when you were all cute and little.

Sounds cheesy, but if you make your card your mum is almost guaranteed to be completely obsessed with it and will stick that baby on the fridge for all to see.

Get amongst nature

Bush walks and hikes are both free, and are a perfect way to spend a Sunday. That is of course if you’re mum is into it, but we feel like most mums will be.

Express your feelings

Kind of like the card, mums appreciate creativity. Let her know how you feel in verse, with a cute little poem, or even just a hand-written letter. You don’t need to be a good writer, just tell your mum how much you love her and she will love it.

Go visit her mum

Mums have mums too. Mumception. So get the fam together and have a big ol’ mum fest! You get to hang with your mum, your mum gets to hang with her mum – it’s a win-win in our books.

Ask her what she wants to do

So we’ve given you lots of suggestions as to what you should do, but don’t forget to ask your mum what she wants to do.

She may hate all these suggestions and want to do something else, and we won’t judge her for that. 

Just be available to hang out

The most important rule is to just make time for your mum. Be available to hang out the entire day.

Even if you just hang out at home, sit on the couch and watch TV, your mum will appreciate the company. Besides, hanging out with your mum is a great way to spend a day as far as we’re concerned.

And if you’re not around to be there in the flesh, for the love of god, call. If this woman can care and nurture you for 18 years, you can hack a 10-minute phone call.

Again, Mother’s Day is this weekend! Remind your siblings, remind your dad and give your mum a hug from us.

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Bradley is a writer from regional NSW and he didn’t come here to make friends, he came to win. He tweets infrequently to his 43 followers @bradjohnston_.