How To Chuck A Sickie When You’re Actually Sick

Everyone’s chucked a sickie at some point in his or her life, but why does it always seem harder when you’re genuinely ill?

You’ve woken up sick – the tickle in the back of your throat has manifested itself, turning you into a mucus monster, looking and feeling like actual death.

We’ve all been there: you’re now struggling to drag your lifeless body out of bed in an attempt to get ready for work – sparing yourself from the dreaded call to your boss.

Although calling in sick may feel terrifying, it doesn’t have to be – here’s the play-by-play of chucking a sickie (when you’re actually sick).

#1 How sick are you, really?

Chances are if you’re reading this article you’re pretty bloody sick, but ask yourself the questions: will you be unable to do your job properly? And will you be affecting those around you? If you answered yes to either of these, please stay home.

The only thing worse than being sick at work is sitting next to someone who is –for your own sake, and the people around you, give the office a miss today.

Alternatively, if you think you’re OK to work, ask if you can, from home. Otherwise if you’re feeling a bit chancy, brave the office – there’s always the option of going home during the day.

#2 Make the call

Building up the courage to dial is often the hardest part, especially once you start reminiscing on high school days when it was your mum or dad’s responsibility. Before you contemplate giving them a call in order to outsource the task, remember that you’re an adult, and this is part of the job description.

No need to pinch your nose, playing up some kind of phlegmy façade – you’re actually sick, so just be cool.

Honesty is the best policy – tell your boss what’s up while being sure to spare the gross details, nobody needs to know the intricacies of your illness. Chances are they’ll understand: especially if you give them as much notice as possible – save the stress and call ASAP.

In saying that, probs don’t call at 3AM when you’re starting to feel symptoms – it can certainly wait ‘til morning.

#3 Don’t be a weirdo

Once you’ve made the call, just focus on getting better. With your inherent fear of being conceived as a liar swarming your brain, you may feel the sudden impulse to express post some used Kleenex to the office or e-mail some snotty selfies to prove a point.

Please don’t – that’s gross. Don’t let your fever dreams get the best of you, rest up, for everyone’s sake.

sickie how to call in sick

#4 Follow it up

The best way to cover all your bases is to pay a visit to your GP. Not only will you get yourself sorted with the right treatment, but you’ll also receive the magic sheet of paper and the ultimate proof of illness: a doctor’s certificate.

Last minute doctor’s visits can come with a hefty waiting time – why not opt for a home doctor service? You’ll be able to wait from the comfort of your own bed, plus they usually bulk-bill – saving you some dosh along the way.

#5 Get better

The whole purpose of a sick day is to spend it getting better. Hydrate, rest up and do whatever else the doctor ordered. The worst thing you could do is over-do it and wake up the next day feeling the same, if not worse.

Don’t beat yourself up either – the fact of the matter is people get sick. Evidently, we aren’t all work robots designed to be able to complete tasks at any given moment, so don’t stress. It’s in your boss’s best interest for you to stay home today anyway – you’ll be on the mend quicker and won’t infect any other of your work mates, it’s a win-win.

Hopefully these tips made your sickie less stressful. Now rest up, and get well soon.

Feature image: Copyright Claus Reber/flickr

Bradley is a writer from Newcastle who enjoys travel, Tina Fey and is a connoisseur of cheap red wine.