#City2Surf: How To Make Sure Your Fun Run Is Actually Fun


Whether you’ve been in training for months or you’re simply hoping to make it to the finish line without your muscles turning into mashed potatoes, there’s one thing that we all want to get out of the City2Surf: fun.

The Sun-Herald City2Surf presented by Westpac is this Sunday, so the countdown is well and truly on. The Cusp hit up this year’s ambassador and Sunrise weather presenter Sam Mac for his advice on making it a day to remember.


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Do it for the ‘gram

Sam’s first tip is to capitalise on the hashtag. Don’t let anyone forget that you ran that race.

“My advice is to post regularly on social media. Because as we all know, everyone makes their life look PERFECT on social media despite the reality.”

Make a day of it

And then there’s the pre- and post-race activities, all designed for maximum fun.

“As a ‘Sambassador’ for Westpac, I will be conducting the Westpac Warm Up with a megaphone (which gives me a great excuse to say I expended all of my energy in the warm up – a selfless act) and I’ll also drop by the Procrastination Station. Chill out, have a snack, no one will ever know. Until they see your overall time for the run. But hey, it’s in the interest of fun!”

Find your motivation

Like many runners, Sam uses music for motivation, turning to a classic track to get him going, Eminem’s Lose Yourself. He’s also got the advantage of having Rob De Castella from the Indigenous Marathon Foundation as his mentor. “He held the run record for 10 years. Basically I’m Daniel-san and he’s the Karate Kid.”

That said, Sam admits his preparation for the run has been more focused on active wear than activity. “I’m a classic ‘all the gear, no idea’ runner – while I’ll be decked out head to toe in the latest gear, my athletic ability probably won’t quite live up to the visual hype.”

“I invite everyone taking part to answer this quiz and see which type of Everyday Athlete they are. Remember, be honest!”

Gear up

His main word of advice for those warming up for Sunday’s race? “Make sure you’ve got the right gear (obvs) and keep the training up! There are only a few runs left until race day so now’s your chance to put the final touches on your outfit, kick up your fundraising activity and enjoy it!”

“And my final piece of advice would be to not take advice from a guy who’s never actually ran more than 7ks in one go.” Good point.