Collaboration Is The Way: A Chat With Dance Maker Amrita Hepi

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We all have a drive within, and considering we humans are a curious bunch, it’s always fascinating to know what fuels that drive in others. Here we chat to Australian dance maker, Amrita Hepi, about what she’s learnt from collaborations that have inspired her and why she thinks being a ‘good dancer’ isn’t necessarily about your moves.

If you haven’t heard of Amrita Hepi yet, a) you seriously need to get out more because this girl is everywhere and b) let us enlighten you. She’s a contemporary dancer, trained dance teacher, choreographer, artist, writer, creative collaborator, radio host, TED talker and the magic woman that’s been teaching everyday non-dancers fulfil all their secret dreams of mastering Beyonce’s dance moves.

Her dance work moves fluidly between pop culture and contemporary dance focusing on intersectionality. She’s performed at the Sydney Opera House, Nextwave festival, VIVID, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and Banff Centre in Canada.

She’s a proud Bundulung and Ngapuhi woman, incorporating her heritage into her dance every chance she gets, and is an integral part of Western Australia’s Indigenous Contemporary dance company OCHRES.

Now you’re caught up you can meet her properly, in our latest ‘Drive Within You’ video with Jess Scully.

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Lead image credit: Liam Cameron