We Compared Healthy Meal Delivery Services

There’s only so much time in the day to workout, work, catch up with friends and family, scroll through Instagram and update all your social accounts while planning your next travel destination. Having to plan meals, shop, cook and prepare food for one dinner – let alone the next few days’ – can be a massive time investment: maybe it’s time to outsource.

Or perhaps your motivation may be more around getting out of a rut. A UK study found that 60% of people eat the same 6 meals every week, and sometimes the same meal at lunch and dinner. They cited lack of money and ideas.

Fortunately, there’s a meal delivery service that suits your budget and your goals, whether that’s to make your repertoire more exciting, weight management, convenience (microwave and go!) or muscle building.

Be aware, to avoid the “hangry” effect, don’t leave your fridge completely bare. If you’re sitting all day, that’s not a major energy drain but if you workout with any intensity for over 30 minutes in your day, it’s likely you’re going to need more than the meals provided. Have some veggies in the fridge at home, a handful of nuts and an apple for the mid afternoon pick-me-up and even keep some frozen berries for post-dinner sweet cravings.

The majority of these delivery services are customisable – you can avoid meat and go for completely plant based options, you can opt for bigger or smaller sizes and you can request specifics around delivery.


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The food: Designed and made by bodybuilding competitor and food lover with true understanding of flavour AND nutrition for ultimate fitness. Matthew’s Nutrition Kitchen offers fresh delivered meals where most delivery services are frozen. There’s something much more enjoyable – for a food snob! – about food that doesn’t need re-heating.

The burritos and meatballs are divine, but vegans and vegetarians are also catered to. Steamed tofu and rice, bean ratatouille and the divine superbowl salad all offer protein-rich, flavourful meals.

My only gripe is that at 250g, I was hangry again an hour or so after my meal. Fine for the deskbound worker but for those with an active lifestyle, you’ll need to bulk up your meal or snack generously. Meals can also be picked up in Melbourne for a $5 handling fee if you prefer this over home/office delivery.

Best Meal: Vegan Superbowl Salad (grainy, crunchy, seedy and super tasty)

Cost: $127.90 for 10 meals



The food: 100% wholefoods, high protein and customisable for different goals (weight maintenance, weight loss) and options for vegan meals only, additional snacks, 5 or 7 day plans.

Expect new meals each week but examples include tofu stirfry with brown rice, chilli con veggie with quinoa and spiced turkey meatballs with pasta.

The 320g meals were heartier than the smaller 280g meals and if you’re not sitting at a desk all day, your appetite will absolutely demand more than the 280g meals. Snack wisely in between in order to fend off a case of being “hangry”.

Best Meal: Sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry with brown rice

Cost: $134.85 for a 5-day vegan plan of 15 meals (includes breakfast)



The food: Fresh meals delivered in a refrigerated box that are more generous at 400g than some delivery options, which are more commonly 250g.

With 150g of protein in each meal, fit bodies and appetites are well catered to without compromise on remaining low calorie and low carbs (but not no carbs, thank god).

Some veggies don’t survive the freezing/reheating test too well – I had to toss the broccoli and carrots but I was happy enough to add whatever veggies were in my fridge to supplement.

Best Meal: The lentil dhal and brown rice was delicious. I congratulated myself over and over for ordering two of this. An excellent option for non-meat eating fit foodies who like strong flavour.

Cost: $135 for a 12 meal “Lean” pack (380g meals)



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The food: This is the ultimate in wholefoods, superfoods and plant based eating meals made convenient. Who hasn’t lusted over Buddha bowls and superfood salads in their Instagram feed with the best of intentions to shop for coconut milk, goji berries, rainbow quinoa and activated walnuts that very day, only to fail to make it beyond the local takeaway?

Soulara delivers your instagram dreams of how you’d eat on a tropical holiday in portion controlled packages. A relative new-comer to the market and already gaining loads of praise – deservedly.

Expect nutty chia pudding, coconut risotto, edamame, mushroom and soya udon and tofu curry.

Best Meal: Twilight Truffle Potato & Kale Cakes – purple sweet potato, almond meal, pomegranate seeds. Your vegan, superfood burger dream come true.

Cost: $126 for a 12 meal parcel

Cat Woods is a writer, editor and blogger in Melbourne. She is also a yoga, barre and pilates instructor with a passion for fitness, lipstick, ’90s electroclash and yoga pants.