Considering A Career Change? These Are Australia’s Most In-Demand Jobs

Are you sick of trolling through job-hunting sites only to find your search results to be slim at best? If you’re thinking it’s time for a career change, here’s some inspiration in the form of Australia’s most in-demand jobs right now.

Job finding aggregator Adzuna have just provided insight into the roles that continue to remain largely unfilled in the local job market. “Tens of thousands of jobs are remaining unfilled across Australia, as shortages of skilled labour in certain sectors take hold,” say Adzuna reps.

So, what are the roles in question?


Public job ads: 2964
Average Salary: $64,700

Great news for foodies! A recent report conducted by Deloitte Access Economics revealed that more than 35,000 chefs are needed across Australia.


Public job ads: 10,460
Average Salary: $109,898

Live in NSW and keen on engineering? Good news. “We expect the demand for engineers to soar over the next year especially in NSW with numerous large scale construction projects underway including the light rail and West Connex”, Adzuna CEO Raife Watson says.



Public job ads: 5376
Average Salary: $105,500

Fancy yourself good with your hands? Data from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research shows 56 per cent of apprentices who began training in 2010 had finished working in their trade four years later. This is a real concern, as the industry will need 300,000 extra trades workers over the next decade.


Public job ads: 1632
Average Salary: $91,131

“The perception of the industry is there will be an oversupply of graduate lawyers over the next few years. The gap in the market, which many are referring to as a black hole, is coming from a need for mid-level lawyers,” say Adzuna. Let the Law & Order imagery flood your mind.


Public job ads: 5003
Average Salary: $78,145

The Aged-care industry is in dire need of registered nurses, physiotherapists and workers with management experience. There are currently 350,000 people working in the aged care sector, however with the rapidly ageing population, it is estimated this will need to rise to around one million workers by 2050.

If you’re wondering where to up-skill, you now know what to do by way of these in-demand jobs. Now all that’s left to do is nail that job search.

Esther is a freelance writer, editor, publicist, content maker and dog patter. She has written for Interview Magazine, New York Press, The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, and local titles Broadsheet, Beat and Tone Deaf. Please tag her in photos of dogs @esthersaurus.