5 Ways To Cure Your Mondayitis

It’s Monday morning. You’ve dragged yourself out of bed and you’re just dying to get that first coffee into you. Dreading Monday mornings is pretty common after your relaxing, exciting or fun weekend – returning to work is the last thing you want to do. It can cause feelings of sadness, apathy or even distress.

You know you have to do it, so getting past your Mondayitis is the best way to start your week off and have a great week to follow through.

Here are a few ways to cure your Mondayitis for a great start to the week.

1. Set your attitude

Maybe you can’t choose your emotions, but you can choose your attitude. If you decide to be frustrated and pessimistic, and focus on these things you’d rather not be doing, you’re setting yourself up for a horrible Monday, and probably a bad week to follow.

It’s worthwhile setting a positive and productive attitude at the start of your working week.

If you decide to be proactive and positive, despite how you’re feeling, it’ll be easier for you to kick goals at work, get your work done and will amplify those feelings of accomplishment.

They say that “attitude is everything” – that might be a bit of a reach (no amount of positive thinking can eliminate negative emotions entirely) but it’s worthwhile setting a positive and productive attitude to get your working week off to the best start.

2. Prepare early

We get it – the closer you get to the end of the week, the more your attention and discipline wander from your tasks. “I’ll finish this on Monday” is surely a thought we’ve all had at 4pm on a Friday.

Wouldn’t it be better to turn up on a Monday morning with an already-written to-do list, a schedule already written, or the agenda for your first meeting already done? Getting a head start on Monday’s workload on Friday afternoon (or even, dare we say it, on Sunday evening) could make turning up to work at 9am next week a much softer landing. Having a bit more breathing room on a Monday morning could just set the tone for a happy and productive week. Monday you will be thanking Friday you for the prep.

3. Kick goals first thing

Landing at work on a Monday and having to immediately chip away at a monster task that will take most of the week can make you daydream about your Saturday beach visit before you’ve been at work for half an hour.

Arrange your day so you feel productive immediately. This means prioritising a few smaller tasks first up. If you’ve crossed off three items on your list by 10.30, you’ve set yourself up to feel productive, and like you’ve achieved something, right at the beginning of the week.

4. Plan something you’re looking forward to

Work isn’t your whole life. Make sure you remember that. One of the simplest ways to do this is to have activities you look forward to planned in advance. If you’re facing a week of all work and no play, you may feel like your entire life is work, work, work. Balance your work and home lives and plan something you look forward to for later in the week – or even for Monday evening.

Working through the week knowing you have a beach visit, bush walk, tickets to that movie you’ve been wanting to see, or lunch with a friend you haven’t seen in weeks coming up will make your efforts a lot easier.

5. Stick to a sleep routine

The importance of sleep can’t be overstated. Keeping a sleep routine, or even heading to bed earlier on Sunday night, can help you feel fresher and more ready to take on the week come Monday morning. Feelings of Mondayitis may even be caused by your body telling you that you aren’t getting enough sleep. If you’re bouncing out of bed with energy rather than groggily snoozing the alarm, then sluggishly turning up to work with a permanent yawn on your face, you’re setting a much better tone for the week.

Sticking to a cycle – even on weekend nights – will help your body’s internal clock to know when you should be awake and alert. If your sleep patterns are all over the place, you’ll wake up feeling like death. Get a good night’s sleep before Monday to set your feet on the path to a productive week.

If you’re still feeling unproductive come Monday, try these tips to kick start your motivation.

Mitch is Editor of The Cusp. He deals with not being a morning person by having a pre-work exercise routine – even on Mondays. 

Main image: Parks and Recreation / NBCUniversal