The Definitive Guide To Getting Through A Hangover At Work

You were just grabbing a few drinks after work with a mate. Now, it’s Thursday morning – the light shining through your bedroom window feels like a personal attack and your mouth is so dry you’re unsure as to whether it will ever truly return to normality. You’ve miraculously managed to conjure the strength to get your life together for a brief moment: showering, getting dressed and making your way to work.

You’re so screwed. As much as you wish to find a nice quiet spot under a desk and cry yourself into a depression nap, there’s work to be done and although you feel (and probably look) like absolute death, you’re the one to get it done.

We’ve all been here before: although you may feel helpless, it pays to be prepared. Here’s how to survive your next hangover at work.

#1 Show no signs of weakness

If you’ve rocked up to work even though you’re certain this headache is a pain unlike anything anyone has ever experienced, you’re pretty brave – so don’t start looking like a wimp now. It’s important to keep your hangover to yourself – not many bosses will sympathise with the fact you decided to get lit last night and rocked up to work hungover AF; after all, it was totally self inflicted.

There are a few tips to hiding a hangover. If you can, dress super nice, nicer than usual. Ironing your nicest shirt may seem like torture at the time, but it’ll be worth it. Not only will this make you look especially presentable (even though your insides feel like they’re on fire) a nice outfit will distract from the enormous bags under your eyes.

Alternatively, you could always rock a disguise, showing up in sunglasses and a cap in an attempt to lay low. Look, it’s probably not the best way to avoid looking hung over, unless you’re betting on your disguise being so convincing that your co-workers aren’t even entirely sure it’s you.

#2 Raid the first aid kit

Okay sure, raiding the office for medicine doesn’t exactly convey the image of health, but it’s bound to make you feel a whole lot better. Loads of people have their own hangover concoctions that they claim make the day more bearable: aspro and Berocca, Panadol and Powerade – the list goes on.

Science seems to agree. The NHS says that painkillers like ibuprofen and paracetamol can help with hangover induced headaches and muscle craps. Pairing these medications with sports drinks could speed up the recovery process, replacing lost fluids while being easy on the digestive system.

If anyone is game on questioning as to why you’re getting stuck into the medicine cabinet, just quickly change the subject by complimenting them on their outfit. Alternatively, just GTFO of the situation completely, only Judy can judge you.

#3 Get (the right) food in your belly

What you choose to put in your mouth can either be marvellous or disastrous, with not much in between. Everyone’s different – personally, I opt for dairy products like choccy milk and cereal. For some, the thought of milk might make them dry-retch – each to their own. While everyone’s hangover cravings vary, science says some foods have their benefits.

What you should feast on

Vegemite on toast: Some research suggests that vegemite on toast could get you back to normality faster. Yeast extract is said to cure some hangover symptoms, the carby toast will boost your blood sugar too.

Broth: The NHS says a thin veggie-based broth is full of vitamins and minerals, topping up depleted resources lost during your drunken escapade. The best thing about it is it’s easy to digest and kind on the ol’ stomach.

Fizzy drink: Researchers in China tested the effects of 57 drinks, from herbal tea to sports drinks to see which was the best at erasing the mistakes of the night before. Their findings showed that Sprite was the most effective.

Full English breakfast: Who doesn’t like a fry up? It’s totally satisfying and never seems to fail in making you feel less dreadful, and there’s some scientific evidence behind it.

Cysteine, an amino acid found in eggs, helps to break down acetaldehyde, effectively doing part of the job usually carried out by your long-suffering liver. Amino acids are also found in deliciously greasy bacon, snags and toast.

What you should avoid

Booze: A hangover usually comes with the standard ‘oh my god, I am never drinking again’ chat you have with yourself. Some however, opt for the interesting choice to continue drinking. After all, you can’t be hung over if you’re still drunk, right?

Apart from the obvious reason that this is a dangerous and harmful habit, you may just be delaying the symptoms. If you’ve gotten especially wrecked, doctors advise you wait at least 48 hours before drinking again to give your body some time to mend.

OJ: I’ve made this mistake before: you wake up, your mouth is as dry as the Sahara and there’s some ice-cold orange juice in your fridge. Incredible – it’s sure to quench your thirst and you’re gettin’ that Vitamin C fix too. However, once that fruity goodness hits the depth of your empty stomach, the acidity might make you want to vom – opt for water.

(Lead Image: Bad Teacher)