Didn’t Get The Job? Here’s A Plan For What To Do Next

OK so you didn’t get the job you interviewed for. It sucks, yes. But it’s also not the end of the world – nor the end of your involvement in said company.

The Cusp spoke to Andrew Joyce, CEO of Found Careers, about some clever next steps that might get your foot in the door after all.

#1 Send a thank you anyway

Interviewers are often shocked to see a thank you email from someone who they didn’t hire. They will also be impressed. Most people who don’t get the job move on quickly. You, however, took the time to send them a thank you email. This gesture will make you stand heads above anyone else that was interviewed.

#2 Indicate your continued interest

In your thank you email, indicate your continued interest in working for the company in any relevant position that may come up in the future. This will communicate to the interviewer that you weren’t kidding when you said you wanted to work there and hopefully they’ll remember you if any other openings occur that you might be suited for. They may even contact you before the position is advertised.


#3 Call them a month later

Give the interviewer a phone call a month later. Ask how their new hire is doing, and inquire as to any new openings at the company. The interviewer will be really impressed by your proactive attitude, and your reluctance to take no for an answer. Your name will come up first if they do have any job openings.

#4 Consider a lower position

If you can’t get hired for the job you want, you may still be able to get your foot in the door by applying for a lower position. Consider applying for an assistant’s job, where you will be in contact with important decision-makers in the company. You can impress your bosses and work your way up through the system over time.

Don’t just walk away from a company if you don’t get hired. Persistence pays off when it comes to job hunting.

If you still can’t land the right job, see who’s hiring on Found Careers, a new, two-sided job seeking app made for the average Aussie Millennial.