How To Eat Healthily At A Party And Not Inhale Everything In Sight

Rosie Mansfield, The Gen Y Nutritionist, breaks downs ways to help you stay health-goal strong in a social setting, where calorifically obese bubbles and nibbles are flowing and many.

We’ve all been in that situation where we’re consciously trying to eat healthily, trying really hard to avoid temptations and keep our eating on track, when we have to attend an event and are faced with a buffet of sugary, fatty, processed deliciousness that is way too hard to resist. Hey, it’s a party!

We say to ourselves, ‘I’ll just have one’… which turns into one of everything and two of the best. But you don’t need to keep walking home riddled with guilt about your food choices – it actually is possible to stay strong and even make the kinds of decisions that may inspire others.


So here are my nutrition hacks for improved self-control and few cheeky tricks that fly under the radar (and even the host won’t notice).

#1 Stuff your face before the party

If you fill up on nutritious goodness before you attend the party, you will be less likely to binge eat the calorie-happy party snacks. Ensure that you are full and satisfied by your healthy meal so that when you get to the party, your brain won’t be screaming at you to eat everything in sight. You’ll be able to make a conscious decision about what snacks you might like to eat – in small amounts!

#2 Stand far away from the snack table

Don’t hover like a bad smell. Choose your snacks wisely, and make it a conscious decision to have to venture over there (instead of being able to easily reach an arm around and grab sweet treat without thinking).

Of course you can indulge, but it’s best in moderation. Just remember the 80-20 rule: 80% healthy to 20% indulgence ratio. If there is a piece of brownie that you are absolutely dying to try, take a piece, put it on your plate and that’s your limit – there are no seconds for you this time. Be conscious of what you’re eating and how it compares to your goals.

#3 Not all nibbles were made equal

Usually there’s a few options, so try to opt for the lesser of two evils. Think small sandwiches over party pies, homemade muffins over chocolate cake, fresh fruit and yoghurt over pavlova. Is it a BBQ? How about a nice piece of chicken or steak, with fresh salad – hold the bread and sauce.

Always choose the most nutritious option that you have available, even if the naughty ones seem more appealing.

#4 Don’t be a jerk and turn up to a party empty handed

This is your opportunity to inspire others to make healthy choices, too. Turn up with some healthy snacks to contribute that you can feast on guilt-free. Ideas include: fresh veggie sticks; homemade dips; innovative salads; rainbow fruit salad; fruit kebabs; Bliss Balls or date and coconut rolls.

#5 Don’t waste your efforts on soft drinks

Rich with empty kilojoules, softies will provide you with a lot of sneaky sugar that your body simply doesn’t need. Instead,  you could suggest to the host (or make yourself, see point above) fruit-infused water: add blueberries, strawberries, orange, lemon, lime, cucumber, mint (anything, really) to make this delicious and refreshing beverage without the calories that soft drink entails.

Another great option is to mix some freshly squeezed orange juice with soda or sparkling water, you can’t go wrong.

#6 Don’t look the cake in the eye

Only kidding – of course you can have a little slither of the good stuff, but moderation is key. Be like the French. And just so you know, people totally find self-control sexy and inspiring. That’s a proven fact, probably.

#7 Bring a like-minded wingman

Bring along someone to keep you in check; even better if they’re on the same healthy-eating pact. All of the above is much easier to do with someone else, rather than being the only one at the party trying to avoid the dessert table or the pies. Power in numbers, people.

You’ve got this. Now you can eat healthily at a party and don’t have to break your diet just because you have an event to attend.

The Gen Y Nutritionist, Rosie, has a unique ability to connect with the next generation about what and how they eat in a way that is educational, sustainable and entertaining. As the founder of My Nutrition Adventure, Rosie’s knowledge extends to every type of eating plan be it vegetarian, gluten free, body specific and beyond.