Why Egg Day Is Better Than Leg Day

Today is World Egg Day, a day to celebrate breakfasts and protein and versatile foods. It was also presumably enacted to celebrate the consumption of eggs via a playful wink to the already well-established cultural phenomenon of “Leg Day”. For those playing at home, Leg Day is a day at the gym dedicated solely to building muscle in your legs.

But here’s the thing. Eggs are the absolute best. Hours in a gym defying gravity by balancing unnecessary kilos of weight on your shoulders and then squatting, is not.

Here are my reasons why egg day is better than Leg Day, peppered throughout with numerous photos of tasty eggs:

#1 You usually eat eggs sitting down

Eggs are a delicious food source commonly eaten for breakfast. When people eat eggs, much like other foods, they are usually sitting down. When you sit down, you do not use your legs and you are comfortable. During leg day, you are exclusively using your legs. This is not comfortable.

#2 Eggs are versatile

Scrambled, poached, fried. Eggs Benedict. Omelettes. Soft boiled with soldier toast. The list of ways to eat and use eggs is quite literally endless. I had to stop myself from typing there before I ran myself off the page. Phew! It is physically impossible to get bored with eggs because they’re constantly surprising you.

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Weights on the other hand? We all know what those suckers look like. Round, heavy, presumably in a dark colour? (I’m honestly not sure, I don’t go to the gym.) They sound boring and predictable to me. My point is that weights will never make that extra effort to impress you. They only want to cause you pain. Which brings me to my next point.

#3 Eggs will never cause you pain

So fluffy and soft in their cooked state, eggs are arguably one of the most comforting foods to have been discovered by our ancestors. I put this argument forward on both a physical and emotional level.

They’re so easy to cook that your ego will never be bruised from fussing about and failing in the kitchen. Five minutes and you’re done.Eggs are also soft shelled and break easily so they will not cause lasting harm if thrown at you from close range.

#4 Eggs are convenient

I mentioned earlier that I don’t go to the gym. Would you like to know why? The gym is very far away. I understand that it’s good for you and you “gain a lot” from “actually going” if you “finally get off your ass and do something with yourself”. But it takes so much effort to get to the gym it’s almost offensive. Eggs can be cooked anywhere, anytime. In a pan, microwave, sandwich press, a sidewalk on a very hot day, the bonnet of your car. Anywhere, anytime.

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#5 Easter eggs

Easter eggs are eggs made from chocolate.

#6 Eggs smell nice

Eggs smell nice when they are cooked. I thought I’d clarify this for all those #legday enthusiasts looking to poke a hole in my iron-clad argument. Yes, rotten eggs smell bad. All rotten things do. But a real nice omelette with chopped chives, mushrooms and a sprinkling of cheese fresh off that stone cookware? Hoo boy. That’s a good smell if I’ve ever sniffed one.

A gym forever plagued by the scent of musky skin and damp, hairy armpits? That is a smell I will never want travelling up my nostrils.

#7 Eggs make cakes

Eggs are the main binding ingredient of cakes. Cakes, much like their life giver and eponymous hero of this short tale Eggs, are soft fluffy creations with versatility built into their DNA. Cakes come in all shapes and sizes. They are delicious and sweet, proving that eggs can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.


Leg day can never be eaten.

#8 You can eat eggs every day

I don’t feel I need to explain myself to you, but in the interest of “real facts”, here we go. You can eat a variety of eggs every darn day and it will have no adverse affect on your health. A whole bunch of clinical trials and a survey of 84,000 people conducted by the CSIRO have confirmed it. Those are some solid, cold hard findings, people.

And yet, what would happen if you leg day-ed every darn day? You would be sore and angry and everybody would call you “Leggy Pete”.

#9 Eggs are a good source of protein

And here’s another “real fact” to add to your collection: eggs have 13 essential vitamins and 6 grams of protein stuffed into their beautiful, fragile little shells. What an overachieving food! I don’t want to say that they’re a superfood, but I won’t not say it either. So I’ll move onto my last and most important point.

#10 Dogs like eggs

And I don’t even think dogs are allowed in a gym. Awful, terrible stuff.


Eggo doggo.

Josephine is a writer from western Sydney who likes to blatantly lie on her bios. She played the youngest sister in 80s sitcom Family Ties and looks fantastic running with a backpack on. Follow her on twitter here