The Workout Trends Perfect For People Who Hate The Gym

For many, the thought of pricey memberships, buff bods and machines you need a degree to figure out is excuse enough to avoid the gym. Even if you have a gym membership, it gets monotonous right? There’s only so many repeats of Keeping up with The Kardashians you can stomach as you cycle your way round an imaginary athletics track in the name of exercise.

Nutrition, Lifestyle and Vitality Coach Dani Strong believes the key to getting fit and healthy is first and foremost doing exercise you actually enjoy – if you don’t, you’ll never stick to it and get the results. She says this might mean getting mates involved with your exercise, because if you’re accountable to someone else, you’re less likely to bail; plus you’re spending times with friends. Win-win.

“Being healthy is about creating goals around how you want to feel. What do you want more of? Energy? Better sleep or to bounce out of bed in the morning?” Dani says. “Moving your body will certainly help you reach those goals but the gym doesn’t even need to feature; it’s down to mindset and motivation.”

Here are Dani’s top ideas for changing up our lacklustre/non-existent exercise routines.

#1 Morning walks with your mates

Dani suggests morning walks with a twist can get your day cranking.

First thing when you get out of bed, stick on your gym gear; grab a mate and pound the pavements! Set the pace as if your favourite clothes store has an 80% off sale and you’re walking to the front of that queue-fast!”

Once you have your pace sorted, it’s time to add the twists.

“Each bench you come to, stop and do 10 push-ups on the edge, then a set of 10 tricep dips. As you’re walking, one of you shouts ‘SQUATS!” and you bust out 10 squats on the spot.”

#2 Bounce and climb

If you squirm at the word ‘squat’ and you’d rather stick pins in your eyes than plank, maybe exercise in disguise is the go? That way, you can kid yourself you’re just hanging out with mates but really you’re getting a sneaky workout in.

Dani suggests trampolining and rock climbing are both great ways to experience some fun while doing exercise. “30 minutes of bouncing is a fab cardio workout, I tried it and I was suitably impressed,” Dani tells us. “As for rock climbing, you’ll be sore in areas you never knew you had muscles!”

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#3 Aerial Yoga

Dani praises the benefits of aerial yoga. Turns out hanging yourself upside down and stretching yourself in weird and wonderful ways is good all-round exercise.

Hanging upside down is a great way to improve circulation to the brain as it uses 25% of the body’s oxygen supply. It also helps with concentration, memory and awareness,” she says.

#4 App’y days

With so many great apps being developed you don’t even have to leave your house to get fit. Dani suggests YouTube to get started. There’s everything from 15 minute workouts to more intense routines.

“You will find a range of easy exercises galore that you can do in your PJs at home. I suggest setting your alarm with your favourite tune as your alarm tone and enter a quote that will get you going in the morning as your alarm notification. Mine used to say ENERGIZE ME AND MAKE ME FEEL AMAAAAAZING! Get up and move before you have to think about it for too long.”

#5 Shake it off

Dancing is a great way to move your body and get your endorphins flowing. It’s virtually impossible to be sad when you’re busting some moves to your fave tracks.

“You can incorporate dancing into your regime in 3 ways,” says Dani. “Have an at home dance party for 1 to your favourite music, have an at home dance party with your mates or go to a dance class together.”

You can even count clubbing as a fitness routine, as long as you aren’t spending calories burnt on calories consumed by a few too many Vodka red bulls.

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#6 Fencing

Why not capitalize on The Game of Thrones obsession with this medieval pastime? Dani’s tried it and says surprisingly, you work up a real sweat.

“The way you hold your body and move in a sort of constant ballet plié works the thighs, butt, quads and upper body too. It also provides that adrenalin hit as you try to strike and not be struck!”

#7 Join the circus

Forget flame throwers and lion tamers, Dani says circus training is a fitness craze that’s become increasingly popular to us every day folk. It’s based on working with your own bodyweight as well as using swings, ropes and trapezes for strength, flexibility and balance.

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