Five Things To Do For Your Mate With The Baby

You may or may not have seen it coming but it’s happened. Your mate got pregnant and now your paths seem on two irretrievably different courses. Things are about to get crazy for your friend and if you’re her beloved pal then you’ll be eager to support her while staying true to your friendship. I mean, all dem baby blogs (boy are you going to regret visiting those once Google catches you using the words ‘baby’ and ‘pregnant’ as your search terms. Prepare for the avalanche of misguided advertising, friend) are going to demand the usual baked goods and cups of tea, but here are some other ideas to make sure your mate maintains her sanity.

#1 Invite her to stuff

You can  rest assured that once that small human has burst from her loins she’ll have little time for much else for the subsequent six months. There’s little doubt that she’s not going to be up for going to Golden Plains next month. But where possible, let her know what you and the crew are up to, and that she’s welcome to attend if she can conjure the courage. Sure, her isolation is self-imposed but it’s a haunting and unshakable feeling that can expand exponentially if she fails to cop an invite of any incarnation in the coming months.

#2 Gift for her

Gift-giving generosity abounds when bub arrives. The amount of meticulously wrapped pressies harks back to your childhood Christmases when you were copping treats from Santa AND your parents. Rest assured her offspring will receive a bounty of goodies after its arrival but as her mate, consider a little something for your friend.

She may not be ready to discuss the details but her body has recently run a marathon of epic proportions. Pregnancy and labour surely bestows upon us the most magnificent bonus at it’s conclusion but little is mentioned of the endless bleeding, pinchy stitches, icepacks and the plethora of related injuries that send us shuffling to the shops like a brittle grandmother of ten. Consider a little gift in the form of a scrub, soap, soak or moisturiser that may revive and restore her aching bod when she next gets to shower.

#3 Shoppo run

Touch base when you’re at the shops and see if she needs anything. No need for extravagant antipasto gift baskets, but she may be a little low on those thoroughly unexciting staples like milk and wipes and having a couple dropped at the door – providing it’s not too tricky for you – would be like ten thousand Christmases coming at once. Alternatively you might like to be a little more decadent and sling some sushi her way. Use services like Uber Eats, MenuLog etc to send some snacks or or a meal. Fun Fact: Gelato Messina is more than okay at any time of day.

pexels-photo-171297#4 Walk the dog

The dog, previously having held the title of first born and most adored mammal on Earth, is going to be quickly relegated to a position slightly above belly button lint. This is absolutely not indicative of your friends’ affections, just a logistical lack of time and attention span. Consider grabbing puppy and taking him (or her) for a trot around the block when you next visit. Having an exercised and exhausted pooch in a house otherwise utterly overflowing with chaos, eases tension in ways imperceptible to most people, but it will be genuinely appreciated and is an enjoyable way to give generously, especially for those uncomfortable nursing newborns.

#5 Don’t ring the doorbell. For the love of La La Land, text when you’re out front!

Waking a sleeping baby won’t earn you any pal points.

Emily works in PR and writes for a bunch of music publications on the reg but her greatest life achievement to date is an Instagram profile (@emkeezy) that doesn’t ENTIRELY consist of photos of her baby.